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Too Much Hair Coloring or Overpermed

Too Much Hair Coloring

Bridget asks about too much hair color :

Please help. I permed my hair a few months ago. I asked the hairdresser for a spiral perm, it didn’t take and cost almost $200. So I went back the next day and she did another perm I asked her if it was okay and she assured me it was fine and tried to talk me into going back in a week to let her color my hair, yeah right. Now it feels like straw, what can I do to make this better. Also, how long do you have to wait between hair coloring if you died your hair and the color was too red?


It’s always disheartening to hear this kind of scenario from too much hair coloring or an over processed perm, but it happens unfortunately, here are some hints on what you might want to try.

Your comment, “now it feels like straw,” makes me wonder if you are past the stage of redemption and may need to cut it off in order to get back to healthy hair. When hair is damaged to the degree of “feeling like straw,” it may look like straw also.

But, before cutting it all off . . . If you haven’t tried multiple deep conditioning treatments yet, there may be some hope for a recovery. Try deep conditioning, your hair often, 2-3 times a week, using some type of heat method to drive moisture into the hair shaft.

  • Shampoo & towel dry hair with a moisturizing shampoo

  • Slather on a deep conditioner

  • Use a professional heat cap, or a hood hair dryer, and sit under for 30 minutes.

  • Now, apply to damp or dry hair Biosilk, Farouk Silk Therapy. This is a great product for adding softness and shine to your hair.

If you haven’t taken these steps, give them a try before taking the other alternative, which is cutting it all off. And as far as the hair coloring and over-perming is concerned . . . STOP!

Good Luck!


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