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    Touching Up Gray Roots

    Grey Roots

    Touching Up Grey Roots is Really Simple

    A visitor to asks about coloring her grey roots. On average, somewhere in your late 30’s, your hair starts cutting off its production of melanin (or pigment). Hair without melanin is actually white but looks “grey” against the background of the rest of your pigmented hair. Greying hair is a gradual process with follicles shutting down over time.

    With a few grey hairs here and there comes the familiar “salt and pepper” look. For some, grey roots can come on fast and furious or for others it may be concentrated in just one area of hair, creating a patch or streak effect. Some people face premature greying with grey roots appearing in the late teens or early twenties. Some greys may retain a hint of color. When naturally red hair turns white, you might notice some pink undertones. Naturally gold high lights may appear white with yellow undertones. Other natural colors like dark brown or black may retain a silvery tint.

    For some, grey hair is viewed as a badge of honor and a mark of distinction. For others, it is an unwelcome reminder that you may not look as young as you feel. Luckily, with today’s long-lasting 100% grey coverage hair colors, you can quickly and easily return to the true you – or have fun discovering another hair color hidden within.

    One of the things that happen with menopause is that there’s no way to deny your mortality. But when it comes time to touch up those grey roots in your hairstyle, I recommend Revlon’s Roux Tween Time Hair Color Stick, it’s a great touch up product and will save you many dollars between appointments to your hairdresser.

    Next time you place an order at Amazon take a peak at “Going Gray, Looking Great! by Diana Lewis Jewell,” she’s the guru on the topic.

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