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    Learn These 3 Updos and They Will Take You Anywhere


     3 Easy Updos Every Woman Should Know

    There are 3 easy updos that EVERY woman should know! We all have events that call for a more glamorous look, whether it’s company parties, holiday parties, date nights, etc., and sometimes they come by surprise. So, it’s an absolute MUST that we know how to quickly get spruced up, and there’s no better way than to be able to whip your locks up into a fantastic-looking updo!

    The Classic French Twist

    This is an easy updo anyone can learn to do and once you’ve got it, you can do multiple variations on the theme.  The first rule of thumb is that any updo looks better and holds better on second-day hair. Clean hair tends to crawl more, and it’s a bit harder to get a good backcomb or hold. So, let’s get on with how to do this beautiful and elegant updo.

    • Step 1 – Smooth out your hair, preferably with a soft, boar-bristle brush. This will add the silky texture necessary for a smooth updo.
    • Step 2 – Part your hair halfway between the front of your hairline and the crown, and pin the front section out of the way.
    • Step 3 – Part off the back of your hair midway between the crown and the bottom of your hairline. Pull the hair underneath aside by either pinning it out of the way, or putting a ponytail holder in it. These two areas will be where we do the backcombing in order to give the twist more body.
    • Step 4 – Beginning at the front portion of hair, take a 1 inch parting and spray lightly with an aerosol hairspray. (Pump hairspray is a bit too wet for this, but it can be used in a pinch).
    • Step 5 – Using a backcombing brush or a narrow-tooth comb, start at the mid-shaft of the hair and gently brush it toward your scalp. No damage will occur if done correctly. The most important part is the area right at the scalp and about 2 inches out. This is where the backcombing should be the tightest. Continue backcombing until you’ve completed the two sections that were parted off.
    • Step 6 – Release the hair at the nape of your neck and collect all of your hair as though you were going to put it in a low ponytail.
    • Step 7 – Gently smooth ONLY the outer portions of the hair. You want the backcombing to remain intact.
    • Step 8 – Bring the hair down to the nape of your neck as in a very low ponytail. Begin twisting your hair, making sure to keep the twist in the center of your head. If there are any straggly hairs, gently brush them in the direction of the twist.
    • Step 9 – When approximately 1/3rd of the way up with the twist, it’s time to begin pinning. With an open bobby pin, go into the hair, about a quarter inch from the twist “seam”, push in and wrap around the twist moving toward the seam, and pulling it under, push it back toward the twist. For added hold, you can use another bobby pin, using the same method, but this time cross over the pin that’s already in place.
    • Step 10 – Continue twisting the hair up toward your crown area, pinning about every inch or so. If you have long hair, stop pinning about half-way between the nape of your neck and your crown.
    • Step 11 – Tuck long ends under the twist and continue to twist your hair OVER that hair pinning every inch or so.

    Once you’ve got the entire twist done, embellish it by adding a fun accessorie like this decorative hair comb. Fun accessories dress up any updo and you’ll be ready to get on with the fun in no time!



    A Formal take on the French Twist

    Follow the above directions until you reach the “tuck in the long hair” portion.  At this point, use a small, 1-inch  curling iron and  create ringlet curls on top, making sure they are evenly spaced around the crown of your head. Spritz with a finishing spray and voila! Your formal do is complete!  Be fun or be bold by embellishing your do’ with your finest frippery!



    The Sock Bun aka The Ballerina Bun

    Don’t have enough hair to do a classic bun?  No worries! You can still get the look and there is no need to go and buy the “sock-style bun wrap.” You can create your own with an old pair of socks, preferably ones that match your hair color.

    • Step 1 – Cut off the top half of a sock and roll it into a doughnut shape.
    • Step 2 – Pull your hair up into a ponytail, using a non-grip ponytail holder.
    • Step 3 – Put the sock roll over the ponytail holder, leaving the hair out and around the sock roll.
    • Step 4 – Push hair evenly over the sock roll and apply another ponytail holder, this will ensure that your hair keeps the bun shape.
    • Step 5 – Take the hair that is sticking out and wrap it, in one direction around the bun, pinning it as you go.

    In no time, you will have an elegant, classic-looking sock bun . . .  even for those of you with shorter hair.

    Contributing author Teri Belle has been a professional hairstylist and makeup artist for 20 years. As a salon owner her dedication to excellence and attention to detail, has established a devoted clientele. Teri is happily sharing her knowledge and passion for beauty on her YouTube channel. Teri’s philosophy is: Makeup should not cover your beauty, it should reveal it!.

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