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    Victoria Beckham’s Trendsetting New Hairstyle


    Posh Spice gets chance to land “The View” . . . Think it’s the new hairstyle?

    I think this new haircut and color on Victoria “Posh” Beckham just may have helped in landing her a spot on the ABC show “The View” as The New York Post just reported hours ago. She reportedly signed a deal to co-host the show for two weeks. We’ll see if she wins out over the two top contenders for the position; Whoopie Goldberg or Sherri Shepard.

    Well, who knows if she’ll actually land the job, but you’ve gotta admit . . . she looks fabulous and maybe the most “Posh” she’s looked to date! You can take this to the bank, especially in Hollywood, if you want to get noticed or to make a fashion statement . . . cut and color your hair, pushing the envelope just a bit!

    Ben Cooke of London’s Lockonego Salon, cut off Beckham’s hair admitting, “she needed a couple of glasses of wine before taking the plunge.” He cut it using a thinning shears only, cutting in an extra close perimeter and a longer diagonal bang. This hair cutting technique resulted in no hard straight lines and lots of interesting well-shaped texture to her hair. I think this haircut and color is a fabulous fashion statement on Beckham’s petite features. It was a cheeky move and serves her well!

    Victoria Beckham was lots of fun on the Jay Leno show recently. She’s got a great sense of humor, is entertaining and has an alluring and ultra feminine quality about her. Her style and what she could add to the show in regards to “fashion” with her own clothing designs . . . I think just might be smashing!

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    1. emm…victoria beckham is the famous person.I like her because she’s always change her hair.she’s look young and always keep her mode.keep your style always.cayooo

      Comment by anty elyana — September 20, 2007 @ 9:18 pm

    2. Hi, I think that Victoria Beckham looks fantastic 95% of the time. I wish that I had her figure and style and money, however I think that her skin is unfortunately bumpy with lots of boils, not necessarily spots. She needs to drink lots of water because that is the best source of everything that the body needs. It’s unfortunate about her having bad skin but it happens to the best of us! She needs to keep it real in America, don’t try too hard because after watching that doc recently I didn’t like her. She needs to be a lot more natural and be herself. She is a girl from Hertfordshire and should act like a girl from Herts. Don’t try to impress because it is not you. People would rather see the Victoria Beckham from England, not a wannabe Amereican. Be true to yourself because the public will crucify you for being a fake. Good luck with America, I hope that you and David will stay faithful to eachother and that he will still continue to adore and spoil you. Don’t spoil the boys too much they are gorgeous looking kids. I hope that you will all be happy and soon conceive a baby girl to add to your growing clan.

      Sheena xxxxxxxx

      Comment by Sheena Lacovara — August 11, 2007 @ 8:07 pm

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