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    Wedding Hair Series – Bridesmaid Hairstyles

    Bridsmaids Hairstyles

    Bridesmaid Hairstyles

    “Bridesmaid Hairstyles”Bridesmaid hairstyles can’t be forgotten in my wedding hair series, so I am dedicating this article completely to bridesmaids. Personally, I am a fan of casual bridesmaid hairstyles. Keeping the bridesmaid hairstyles more subdued, is just one more way to give the bride more of the spotlight on her big day. I prefer for the bride to stand out as much as possible, whether it comes to dresses, hairstyles or anything to do with the wedding. However, I understand there are probably too many options out there to choose from, so here are some of my suggestions for bridesmaid hairstyles! But before you make any decisions about what hairstyle you have on the day, you need to pick your dresses! This part is as exciting as choosing the hairstyle to go with it. Companies like Infinity Dress will offer a selection of dresses for you to choose from, ready for the big day.

    Sleek and simple bridesmaid hairstyles, worn in classy updos, is a great choice for a formal event. You can choose to do different updo hairstyle for each bridesmaid, or you can opt to have all of your attendants wearing the same bridesmaid hairstyle, which is really a classy look! With a formal event, I would strongly suggest hiring a professional hairdresser to do the bridesmaid hairstyles, since most, if not all the bridesmaids will not know how to style their hair this way.

    Bridesmaid Hairstyles
    Bridesmaid Hairstyles – Half Updos

    I love this hairstyle for bridesmaids because it looks attractive on most everybody and doesn’t require everyone to have the same length of hair. You can wear just a bit of hair up, if you have very short strands, or you can put more up if your hair is longer. Perfect for showing off a bridesmaid dress with a great neckline, this bridesmaid hairstyle is contemporary and will work for just about everyone and just about any dress.

    Bridesmaid Hairstyles
    Bridesmaid Hairstyles – The Side Pony

    One of my favorite bridesmaid hairstyles is a side ponytail. The side ponytail is so versatile because it can be worn sleek and smooth for a formal event or it can be styled full of volume and body for a more laid back affair. You can also add accessories such as fresh flowers, or something sparkly, to spice up the bridesmaid hairstyle even more. This hairstyle is also easy on the budget because most women with long enough hair to do this, can easily style their hair into a side ponytail.

    Remember to match your bridesmaid hairstyles, with the tone of the event, just as you would coordinate any other part of the wedding. A formal event calls for formal hairstyles and it follows, a casual event calls for equally laid-back bridesmaid hairstyles. For more great looks check out our Pinterest Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles and Braid Boards.

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    1. omg i love these hair styles there so pretty

      Comment by kakaskalka — August 18, 2009 @ 11:28 am

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