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    What to do When a Hair Stylist Messes up

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    Finding a New Hair stylist is Not Always Your Best Option

    Any hair salon, that wants to stay in business, will stand behind their work and will generally do what it takes to correct any errors or mistakes that they or a hairdresser may have made.

    “don’t want to whine and think they just have to live with it”

    But . . . do you trust them try to be able to resolve their screw up?

    I see sometimes 35 women a week or more in my hair style classes. The atmosphere is one where they feel comfortable and non threatened in expressing their true feelings about experiences with their hairdressers. I now realize, that as a hairdresser, I was unaware of how many women, when faced with a screw up or an unhappy result from a salon visit, feel between a rock and a hard place as to how to handle it.

    From these women’s stories, I break down their dilemmas into two categories; those who have lost trust and those who don’t want to whine and think they just have to live with it.

    Have you lost trust in your hairdresser or hair colorists abilities? You need to make an important decision; do you stay or walk away? It will be to your advantage if you can work it out with a hairdresser you have built trust and a history with. Before just walking away, or just putting up with it, ask yourself this;

    • Could the problem be because of a communication misunderstanding vs. a lack of ability or concern on your hairdresser’s part? If your problem comes from a communication mishap, by talking it out now, you have a good possibility of being able to resurrect the screw up. It is up to you to be assertive if you’re unhappy, to be clear and up front about your disappointments. Lots of women express that by being honest, they feel they will hurt their hairdresser’s feelings, so they say nothing, remain unhappy and sometimes walk away, only to have it happen with their next hairdresser as well. A good hairdresser have tougher skin than you may think, but they would want the chance to make it right, make you feel good about your look and keep you as a customer and friend. In short, if the hairdresser doesn’t know it’s broke, they can’t fix it.

    • If you assess the “screw up” comes from incompetence on the hairdressers part, you have two choices. Leave or give the hair salon another shot. Contact the hair salon owner or manager, explain that you are not satisfied with the outcome and request a consultation to decide on a strategy to rectify the situation. Again, the hair salon owner wants to keep you as a satisfied customer and will work at getting things back on track for you. Rely on your gut instinct. It will tell you if the hair salon is reputable and worth giving another try or not.


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    1. I had an awkward encounter with a hairdresser today. As a junior doctor I work unsociable hours and haven’t had my hair done for almost a year. It’s long, naturally blonde so I usually just have a half head and a trim – even after a year my roots aren’t too obvious. I thought I’d found a genius solution when I discovered a mobile hairdresser. They had good reviews so I made an appointment. Not a great decision as it turns out.

      The ‘highlights’ are streaky and for some reason she use medium brown dye in between. It was so bad that when I caught a glimps in the mirror I asked her stop before she went anywhere near it with scissors! When I showed her a several photos of what my highlights usually look like she insisted that I had an all over dye (I’ve never dyed my hair, just half head). I didn’t pay, she left unhappy and the whole thing was pretty awkward. I look like a spice girl from the 1990’s with inch think brassy streaks interspersed with dark brown. Thankfully it’s mainly on the roots. How long should I leave it before going to my usual salon, who are always brilliant (kicking myself for not going initially) to get it fixed without causing too much damage? It looks pretty bad but not terrible so I can survive a little while reluctantly. I don’t especially want people to think I like my hair like this!

      Comment by Amelia — May 8, 2015 @ 8:30 pm

    2. We are happy to hear that you enjoyed this article. Thank you Chris for sharing it on social networking sites!

      Comment by Michelle Skye — February 10, 2012 @ 10:31 pm

    3. Great article! Thanks for sharing. I own two Aveda Lifestyle salons here in Austin, Texas. This is great information for clients. I enjoyed this article so much that I tweeted it and posted it on our company’s FB wall. Thanks again, and keep those posts coming!

      Comment by Chris Murphy — January 18, 2012 @ 7:33 pm

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