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    When Hair Dryers Don’t Work!

    Hair Dryers
    When Hair Dryers Fail!

    I had a funny flashback this morning, to an o-l-d trick I used to do back in the 70’s, to style my hair smooth and sleek, without hair dryers or should I say before hair dryers. This trick just might help you too, to style your hair in a flash and avoid having a bad hair day when you find yourself without your hair dryers.

    “When Your
    Hair Dryers Fail”
    Ok, picture this, my hubby and I started the second leg of a summer vacation this morning. We’ve just spent a week in the Rocky Mountains in Glenwood Springs and Aspen. Beautiful!! Lovely!! So Peaceful!! And now we are going to lollygag our way back to Minnesota. We’ll spend four days on the train taking the long way home, via Sacramento, California, Portland, Oregon, Glacier Park, Montana.

    We needed to be at the train station at some un-godly hour this morning, repacked to fit smaller accommodations for the next four days. Although we have a said “shower” in our sleeper car, we’ve learned that a “shower” is a big stretch for a name that accomodation. So basically when leaving our hotel this morning, we needed to be showered up cause and out the door in less than 45min. Blow drying my hair at 4:30 am in the hotel room was something that I knew hubby would not have appreciated.

    Long story short, I was scrambling and didn’t finish blow drying my hair by the time we needed to leave for the station. Now I was already committed to the blow-dry look, and couldn’t go to the ‘scrunched” look if you know what I mean. Horrors . . . this was to be my hairstyle for the next four days!

    What did I do?  The cab driver actually helped me out on this one, by not having the air-conditioning on in his cab. As I rolled down the window and the warm air hit me, I had a flashback to the 70’s. We didn’t have hair dryers (blow-dryers) in the 70’s and the hot hairstyle was long smooth, sleek, the Cher hair look!

    The only way we wavy haired girls could achieve the smooth look was by rolling our long hair in orange juice cans and sleeping on them overnight! (No wonder I have a bad neck) I’m not sure how we Quinn girls came up with this idea, but I think my sisters and I discovered the first blow-dry hairstyle (without hair dryers.).

    We learned the quickest, easiest way to get our wavy frizzy hair, smooth and straight was to blow dry it out the window of the car! It worked like a champ! Dry in less than five minutes flat and it was smoother and shinier than we were ever able to achieve before. The only styling involved was to look to the back of the car as you moved and brush your hair vigorously through your hair as it dried, stretching it straight!

    Next time you find yourself without hair dryers, try this trick . . . it works!! It gets shiny because it’s drying quick and fast in cooler air than hair dryers allow for . . . even with the cool shot!

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