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Winter Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Tips

Your Hair Care Routine Needs Extra Attention This Time of Year

Hair care routine is really important this time of year as attested to by this winter hair article at Visual-Makeover. Winter can be hard on hair care. The major causes of winter hair blahs is dry air and your hair dryer. Any time we are in an environment that is heated by any source other than that which mother nature provides is going to be very low in humidity, especially if it is forced air. Add to that a tendency to use a hair dryer on higher heat and for longer periods of time makes for some tough duty for your hair care.

“Hair Care, back
off a bit on
the hair dryer”

I really go out of my way trying to avoid going out-of-doors with wet hair this time of year. I would suppose most of you take the same precautions. The net result is that I find myself cranking the heat on my hair dryer and also adding minutes onto the procedure. In summer time I often will leave the house with damp hair . . . but not this time of year.

So it comes as no great surprise that my hair care needs extra attention in using deep conditioners and thermal protectors to give it softness and shine. Make sure you are using moisturizing hair care products, condition, condition, condition and use heat sparingly.

One of my favorite celebrity hairdressers David Evangelista has another fabulous video out from the CBS Morning Show and he does a nice job of giving us all some great hair care tips for surviving old man winter. Give it a look.

David Evangelista’s Winter Hair Care Tips

  • Use a thick, rich, moisturizing conditioner with that is made for your hair type. Some of the ultra-hydrating hair care products can be too heavy for thin hair.

  • Don’t be afraid though of hair care products that claim extra moisture. Many have been reformulated so the product doesn’t weigh down your hair, even if it is fine.

  • Limit your use of the hair dryer. You can still style your hair effectively with a towel. Blot about 20 percent of the moisture out of your hair and then use heat. Stop as soon as your hair is dry.


Read the entire article, David Evangelista’s Winter Beauty Tips¬†and For more winter hair ideas check out our Pinterest Winter Hair Tips board



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  1. If I use a blow dryer I let my hair air dry then blow dry on low heat. Also, I rarely use a blow dryer so that is so much better for my hair.

    Comment by JTwisdom — January 8, 2012 @ 11:12 pm

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