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    What a Title Needs to Accomplish

    1. Create a “I need to click on to see this article” attitude by surfers~~Most often your title will be seen in a search engine or in a social media post. That is all they see so this title is all they have to judge the worthiness of the article. This must read article is one of the best I’ve ever encountered on creating compelling titles.
    2. Underpromise~~The article must deliver beyond the expectations of the reader. If a visitor takes one look at the article once they arrive and they immediately hit the back button, all is lost. Not only is all lost but the search engines will notice that visitors are bolting and will penalize the article and decrease how high the page ranks in the listing (SERPs Search Engine Ranking Pages).
    3. Brand the Keywords for SEO~~Search engines place an extraordinary amount of weight on the article title to decide what this article is about. It is very important that your targeted keyword phrase be included in the title and preferably the first few words. A trick that I use often is generous use of the colon in titles. For example in an article with keyword target of “Grey Hair” I would do something like Grey Hair: How to turn Lemons into Lemonade.

    Some Titles I Love

    • Lazy Girl’s Guide To
    • The Ultimate Guide To
    • How To
    • DIY Insider How To Secrets
    • 5 Secret Weapons to xxx
    • xxxx vs. xxxx
    • How to increase (get) x in 15 mins a day
    • Hairstyle You Need to Try This Spring
    • 5 Top Ways to
    • A mom’s guide to
    • How to xxx Your Hair at Home
    • What Celebrities Know about xx That You May Not Have Considered
    • Why xxx is ruining your looks (hair) (day)
    • If you’re looking to snap better photos but don’t have the time to learn, here are the top 5 things you should know
    • New looks
    • 5 Things you need to consider before you xxx
    • How to XXX Like a Pro
    • Best Haircut For XXX Hair
    • 5 Must Have xxx
    • 5 Rules for a successful xxx
    • The Straight Truth About xxx
    • How to Conquer
    • Punch Up Your XX
    • xxx Dos and Don’ts
    • 5 Habits You Should Break this Summer
    • 5 Things Nobody Ever Told You About xxx
    • Achieve Your Dream Look: xxx
    • If Looks Could Kill
    • 5 Hairstyles that will never go out of style
    • Irrestible
    • xxx Gone Wrong
    • No Fuss
    • Super Fast
    • The Smart Girl’s Best Buys
    • Shiny
    • Secrets to
    • Confessions of a Hair Color Junkie
    • 5 Looks Worth Stealing
    • Find Out How
    • Introducing
    • Face Off
    • Mistakes Women Make
    • Then and Now
    • How To Copy Sarah’s New Look
    • Breakthrough
    • Greatest
    • Xx made simple
    • So, pretty so easy
    • Step-by-step
    • Creative ideas for
    • Transform your
    • Jens hair your head
    • Little known secrets to
    • Now you can have a
    • What everybody ought to know about x
    • See how easily you can

    Powerful Words You Can Use

    • How To
    • DIY
    • Easy
    • Sexy
    • Flirty
    • Easy
    • Head Turning
    • Simple
    • Fiesty
    • Fashionista
    • Quick
    • Sassy
    • Men Love
    • Sneak Peak
    • Style Secrets
    • Sultry
    • Hot Stuff
    • Hair Bling
    • Tantalizing
    • Free
    • Sexiest
    • Trend
    • Trendy
    • Casual
    • Instant

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