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    Some Clients Are Overly Sensitive

    Your hairdresser is a professional and is very adult when it comes to their relationship with clients. Sure you can really grow to care about a client and have concerns for the welfare of clients and their families. But it is not the end of the world to lose a client or hear criticism. I have written many articles about this issues in the past hoping to get you to look at your relationship in a more assertive way.

    Yet over and over again I read comments on discussion boards and in articles around the hair styling media about the trauma that women go through when it comes time to express opinions or finding a new hairdresser. The article below is an example.

    From a hairdresser standpoint there is a voice inside that wants to say “come on folks, get a grip” but I’m beginning to realize that the relationship that women have with a hairdresser is very different from any other professional relationship. I’m not sure the industry understands it fully. It really would be interesting to see a university psychology department somewhere do an in-depth scientific study. I think we would all learn lots from it. But I’m holding my breath for it.

    In the meantime let’s do our own study . . . leave some comments about why your relationship with your hairdresser is different from that of other professionals like your doctor, lawyer, banker or financial adviser?

    How could I even think of ending a friendship just for the thrill of a zippy new hair style?
    by Liz Curtis Higgs

    But last month I came frighteningly close to committing hairdresser infidelity. Just the memory of it makes my scalp itch. I was having my photo taken, and arrangements were made for my makeup and hair. After the cosmetician did a bang-up job on eyes, lips, and cheeks, it was time to put my thinning red (this year) hair in the hands of a stranger named Steve. Steve the hairdresser rested his hands lightly on my shoulders, and my stomach tightened. I felt like a nervous teenager on a first date.



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