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    Your Hairdresser Knows More Than You Think

    Hair Talk

    Talking to your hairdresser, is more than just hair talk

    This article about hair talk from the Home News Tribune, is so true . . . a hairdresser hears it all. Especially in smaller rural communities, they are “gossip central”.

    Hairdressers provide their brand of therapy
    Home News Tribune Online

    Women love to talk. No matter where we are, we instinctively start to socialize with the people around us. We’ll start a conversation with the next person in line at the store, the plumber who walks in the door, or the neighbor across the street.

    Outside of friends and family, the person we often talk with more than anyone else is our hairdresser. This, after all, is the person who knows we have dandruff, gray hair, and split ends, yet never judges us for it.

    He or she seems always happy to see us, does magical things to make our hair look great, and listens attentively to whatever is on our minds.

    I recently asked my hairdresser Jordan about the things people talk about with him. Being the true confidante that he is, he immediately said that he can’t share any specific stories, but . . .

    “Women say more than men,” said Jordan, a second-generation hairdresser whose father and uncle are also hairdressers. “A lot of men talk abou“Hairdressers
    Hear it All,”
    t sports. They don’t get into personal stuff as much as women, unless it’s a big thing. Even if they’re getting a divorce, it takes a while for them to mention it.”

    Jordan, who has an equal number of male and female clients, said men are pickier than women when it comes to their hair.

    “Men don’t want people to know they have gray hair, and some are insecure about people knowing that they color it,” Jordan said. “Women start coloring whenever the gray bugs them, and young people color their hair just to do something different.”

    What’s the trend in hairstyles today?

    “It’s all about individuality,” Jordan said. “People aren’t really following anybody’s look now, like they did with the Jennifer Aniston haircut. It’s all about what looks good on you. Most women keep their hair too long, though. For some, it may be a security blanket, something for them to hide behind. Or maybe their husbands like long hair.”

    When I was in college, I had shoulder-length hair because the guys I dated liked long hair. But with each passing year, the length started getting shorter and shorter because it was easier to maintain, and frankly, looked better on me.


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