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    4 Beard Styles Women Adore

    George Clooney beard style

    Looking for a Change? Try One of These Hot Beard Styles

    Beard styles can be a tricky subject. In some professional circles, facial hair is a big no-no, and in other more relaxed atmospheres, anything goes in the grooming department. Some men even decide to visit a clinic like the victorian cosmetic institute to get the hair removed from the rest of their body, but prefer to grow out their beards. Everyone is different and it’s down to preference. And women tend to fall firmly into one camp or the other. While statistics show that a clean-shaven face is the most popular aesthetic, both professionally and romantically, there are certain beard styles that women adore. But first make sure you have the right facial shape for a beard, not all men look good in a beard. If you are confident that you would look good with a beard and are an environment that allows you to rock some facial hair, here are some beard styles and tips to get you noticed.

    The Weekend Stubbly look is always a good choice. Nobody does “I’m too sexy to shave” better than George Clooney. The natural flecks of grey and just enough stubble to let the skin show is the perfect combination of “I don’t care” and “I know what looks good.” This look is actually easy on maintenance. You still need to pay attention to growth and re-growth, know when to shave, when to skim and when to start all over. But if you have an average amount of facial hair and the time to maintain, this look will work wonders for you.

    If Weekend Stubbly is not your style, try a Half Circle Beard. A modified look that is clean-shaven on the sides with a short stubbly growth in the mustache and chin area, this works well for men who can’t grow a full beard because of patchy facial hair. This beard style may look easier to maintain, but it requires attention to details, like knowing when to shave clean and start all over, or when to trim and skim so that enough skin peeks through, giving you a scruffy yet sexy look. Leonardo DiCaprio looks timeless in this elegant beard style.

    Leonardo DiCaprio circle beard style

    A Goatee is also a favorite with the ladies. There is just enough facial hair to be tantalizing and not too much to be a distraction. Johnny Depp gets his Goatee right every time; full under the nose and lip, short and spikey on the jaw, and just a hint of chin-strap edginess along the cheeks and jaws.


    Like most sexy facial hair, this too requires upkeep, so make sure you have the time to pay attention to your look. What you want to avoid at all costs is the Goat-Tee look, a la Brad Pitt:

    Brad Pitt bad goatee

    While most women will vote no on a Full Beard, there are some who find it to be a very sexy look for guys. If you are going with the full beard look, keep it trimmed and groomed. There is nothing more unattractive than a man with a scraggly beard, and worse, a beard with bits and pieces in it. If you opt for a full facial hair look, you must – we cannot say this enough – you MUST keep all your grooming impeccable, using men’s shaving brush should help with this. Clean, neat hair, clean clothes, combed beard, and clean teeth. Speaking of good teeth, you could achieve this by visiting a Dentist in Healdsburg for example, so you can keep your oral hygiene in check. You could be as busy as these celebrities, but you should always make time when it comes to your oral hygiene.

    Ben Affleck knows how it’s done:

    Ben Affleck full beard

    Joaquin Phoenix, not so much:

    joaquin-phoenix-full beard

    The one element of facial hair that most women find to be a turn off is the lone mustache. Thin or thick, long or trimmed, there is little that a moustache offers on its own to enhance a guy’s look. It may have worked for Bert Reynolds in the ’70s, but these days you’ll look too dated if you go in that direction. If you are new to the facial hair game, we suggest starting with one of the above options, maybe working your way up to a full beard, to see what looks and feels best. And the best way to tell will be the compliments that you get from women when they tell you how rugged and sexy you look!

    For more great beard styles check out our Men’s Hair Pinterest board and the Facial Hair subject on

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