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    Back to School Hairstyles

    Back to School Hairstyles


    Long and Short Back to School Hairstyles

    Looking for more back to school hairstyles ideas? Here are some of my favorite back to school hairstyles for obvious reasons . . . they are quick and easy hairstyles when you’ll be needing to fly out the door AND still look great at school!  For the easiest and quickest styling, leave those things that take the most time to the night b4 . . . like shampooing, blow drying, and curling. Once that’s taken care of, the hairstyle you choose to wear for the day will be a cinch! Pony tails, half up-dos, braids and crimps are fast and sweet if your hair is long. For shorter hair, think headbands, sparkly barrettes and a little bit-o-gel and you’ll be set!

    Back to School Hairstyles
    Drew Barrymore in French braids a great back to school hairstyle

    French braids have unlimited variations and can be done with one length hair as well as layered hairstyles. It just takes a little practice up front and then you can create as many hairstyles as you can come up with. See more celebrity braids and a great french braiding how-to video that will get you started Oh, and don’t forget about pigtails!

    Back to School Hairstyles
    Nicole Ritchie simple boho braided back to school hairstyle

    Get this boho look by parting hair down the middle. Take out a one inch section on both sides, a couple of inches back from the hairline. Taking a two-inch section above each ear, clip it out-of-the-way. Brush hair into a low bun, tuck ends under and secure with bobby pins. Braid the one inch sections down and pin at nape or into the bun. Braid the two-inch sections up and over the top of the head and secure with pins. Spray with a shine serum or smooth with a smoothing cream.

    Back to School Hairstyles
    Strong “disconnection” short back to school hairstyle

    Renowned hairdresser William De Ridder, shows a versatile, strong “disconnection” short back to school hairstyle. We will be seeing more variations of the “disconnection” cut this season. The disconnection makes for an interesting hairstyle and it can be played around with to get many different looks. Don’t forget, headbands and sparkly barrettes to change it up!!

    Back to School Hairstyles
    Rhinna gets short back to school hairstyle!

    Ok, so maybe Rihanna is wearing a bit more sparkle than you would choose to wear back to school (think prom though . . .) but if it were just a little bit less of it . . . like a barrette, or a sparkly bobby pin or two layered, it would be perfect for changing up your short back to school hairstyle!


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    1. Hi Jessica,
      Check out this article. These styles work wonderfully with medium length hair, and they will definitely impress boys.

      Comment by Michelle Skye — February 10, 2012 @ 1:07 pm

    2. i have red hair and meidim hair
      i like to inpress boys with it and i need it tomorrow

      Comment by jessica — January 29, 2012 @ 4:08 pm

    3. Nothing works for me.

      Comment by Eleen — September 4, 2011 @ 10:43 am

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