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    Be Yourself to Radiate Your True Essence

    Be Yourself

    Who Says You Can’t Go Short, Red or Wavy?

    I’ve been professionally styling and cutting hair for the last 13 years and I can’t count the amount of times I’ve been told, I wish I could wear that style but I can’t because I’m too “. . .”

    Fill in the blank. Fat, tall, round-faced, young, old, shy, skinny, you name it. So often people think that because they are “. . .” they can’t wear the hairstyle that they most desperately want. Now is the time to do away with such rules and embrace the idea that style is personal, and should be personalized to be yourself.“A girl should be two things: who and
    what she wants.
    ? Coco Chanel

    Don’t get me wrong. I respect the power of face shape, bone structure, and natural skin coloring. As a professional hair stylist, it’s my job to! I believe that it’s the responsibility of the professional to educate the client on their unique physical attributes, and how they may (or may not) entirely suit a particular hairstyle. BUT (and this is a big but) if short hair, or red hair, or outlandishly edgy fashion-forward hair makes you feel excited, strong, and more like yourself, then by all means go for it. There’s a version of everything, for everyone.

    Look For Assertiveness 

    These days, in our competitive and ever-changing industry, it is no longer enough for a hair stylist to simply ask what are we doing today? And then follow the breadcrumbs through another 1 inch trim. Hair stylists need to be paying closer attention and discovering who you really are. It’s true; sometimes a series of maintenance trims is the most appropriate thing. However, be sure that the simple care you’re receiving truly satisfies your style wishes.

    If the dream of bangs or balayage is brewing beneath the surface but you think you’re too “. . .” to try it, speak up, be yourself, or be sure to be working with a hair stylist who can draw it out of you. The real power of a solid consultation lies in the awareness and presence of your hair stylist, and their ability to hear not only the words you’re saying, but the ones you’re afraid to say as well.

    Short Hair Anxiety

    A great example of the conflict between what we really want, and what we’re afraid to try is the issue of short hair for women. There’s often so much fear that short hair will inevitably look manly, severe, or simply not beautiful, that I find most women can hardly utter the words, even if they’re fantasizing about trying a super sheik, no-muss-no-fuss hair style at least once in their life. (And to be sure, many are fantasizing about it.) The real crime? That hair stylists often perpetuate the “conventional wisdom” about beauty and what women can and should wear, by not supporting them when they want to try something new and bold.

    Remember, we write the history of beauty, and perhaps the most beautiful style doesn’t just blindly follow the lead of status quo, but instead draws out and ignites the inner beauty beneath the surface. That is real styling. Unveiling the true essence of a person, and crafting a look that honors it completely.


    Your task is simple. First, find a hair stylist who is interested in YOU. If you aren’t being listened to, walk away. Next, dig deep, and be brave.

    Hair Stylists

    First remember the rules of bone structure and face shape, and the rest. Then, set them aside. Spend 10 times more effort in paying close attention to everyone you style. Seek to understand who they really are, and respect their curiosity. Use the rules you set aside not to dictate what you believe is possible, but instead to design the BEST version of a client’s dream style that you possibly can. Finally, notice what your clients are actually longing for. I promise, they’re longing for something,

    Guest author Karmen Buttler is the founder of Primpt, the new SF Bay Area style start-up that promises to change the way beauty professionals, trends, and brands are experienced and ultimately discovered. She is a passionate hair stylist, educator, and team leader, with more than 13 years of hands-on experience in the SF salon industry. Her inside perspective on all things beauty has shaped and informed Primpt.

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