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    Beach Waves or Defined Waves

    Beach Waves or Defined Waves

    One of the hottest hairstyle trends this spring and summer is soft beach waves, also called the boho (bohemian) look or beachy waves. As the weather gets warmer and humidity levels rise, those of you with some natural wave to your hair have two choices; you can fight it, or go with it! I highly suggest the latter. There are only two, maybe three things, that are essential for making beach waves easy; the cut, the how-to and the right product . . . that’s it!

    Wouldn’t all you wavy haired girl’s love a defined, soft curlish look to your wave like Kate Hudson? Now scrunching works alright for some of you, but if you want more than what that gives you, Kevin Murphy, renowned hairdresser and product innovator with Modern Salon, bring us this how-to video on creating soft defined beach waves.

    I was surprised to find that they also give detailed info on how to cut this hair style. The hair cutting directions are for hairdressers. If you are not a hairdresser, don’t try it. The styling techniques, however, are easy to follow for all and can be printed.

    Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, a method of perming called, “transfer perms” were done only by a minority of hairdressers in my area. The reason might have been because it was a longer process and therefore cost a bit more. But, the results of this wrapping method for perming was gorgeous! You could achieve a large defined curl that held its shape. It basically involved rolling the hair on a small rod, partially processing and then “transferring” each rod to a larger rod and finishing the processing.

    This type of “transfer” process is how Kevin achieves this soft defined beach wave. This type of wave will last a long time as it has a strong base curl structure. The smaller rod first forms a tighter curl and the second larger roller softens it to a strong holding larger wave. Does that make sense? Well this is why I love video’s . . . video’s and pictures tell a thousand words . . . Thanks Kevin and Modern Salon!

    Kevin Murphy, renowned hairdresser, and Modern Salon, bring us this how-to video on creating defined beach waves.


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