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    The Ultimate Beauty Products Buyers Guide

    Beauty products can make you look younger, if you know what to buy

    It’s hard to argue that we aren’t looking better in our 40’s, 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s than our grandmothers did. But can you buy it in a beauty product’s bottle? I’m not sold that this phenomenon is the result of what the cosmetic and beauty products industry would have us believe. I am sold, in what my friend, Tammy in marketing will say and that is, marketing is everything. So buyer beware! The beauty products industry does exploit women’s insecurities without question, yet on the other hand, they enable us to achieve what we want . . . to feel more beautiful. I’m not sure what I would do without the my favorite beauty products that I’ve come to rely on . . . and I’ve come to rely on these more and more as years go by believe me. I always want to have youthful skin so I always ignore the products that make ridiculous claims and instead find the brands who promote their products through honest, simple promotion. It’s not more makeup or beauty products that I need; actually it’s less with better choices being most important. I’m totally in agreement with those who note, More is less as we age. (You’ve seen that scary woman whose makeup or hairdo precedes her, haven’t you?)

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    Making the Right Choices

    As a hairdresser I’ve seen thousands of new beauty product launches over the years. Each one claiming a revolutionary breakthrough that it is 100% more effective than all the others. The industry HAS developed better products over the years, improving on styling products that can improve the condition of your hair or skin care products that protect against sun damage and more. But, have you also noticed the price range you can pay for any number of similar products? They’re very expensive so it’s no wonder people are looking for Amazon beauty coupons at GetYourCouponCodes to save money. By becoming informed on ingredients, you will be able to determine where the bargains are. It’s common knowledge now that the moisturizer you can pay over $100 for at a fancy department store can contain the same ingredients as the one in the corner drug store that sells for $8.95. Marketing claims, packaging and fragrance unfortunately are key things consumers buy rather than ingredients. You just need to make some good, intelligent choices on what’s right for you. If you walk into the beauty product area of your biggest department store desperate for help but unarmed with good information on what you need, you’ll be quickly targeted for more than you really need. How do you make good choices? Try these things that will help you make better decisions, not only now but for a lifetime.



    A couple of my favorites:

    • Paula Begoun, Beauty the new basics
    • Rona Berg, Beauty the new basics

    Store shelves with dozens of hair care product brands


    • Make an appointment with a dermatologist or make an appointment for a facial at reputable spa. Ask lots of questions and get information on a good skin or hair care regime for your specific needs. If money is tight, look into training schools in your area for these services at a discounted price.
    • Ask for beauty product samples (Especially if you have a sensitive skin)
    • Like good grocery shopping; know what you want, buy only what you need, comparison shop and know what ingredients are important for your skin or hair type
    • Taking care to eat right, exercise and generally taking good care of yourself are the keys to overall good health, which is the best beauty advice we can get. And when we feel better it just follows we look better too!

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