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    Best Haircuts For Men With Long Hair

    Best Haircuts For Men

    4 Great Haircuts for Guys with Long Hair

    These days men can pull of new and stylish hairstyles and no longer are sticking to their routine hairdo. With the fashion trends reaching new heights, men have joined the race as well and are giving women some serious competition for salon services.

    Used to be that men would stick to their usual style of keeping it simple and short, however, today, men donning longer haircuts are the order of the day with more and more men opting for longer hair.

    Long hair is extremely versatile to style and can suit a myriad of hair types including curly, straight and wavy. With so much to look forward to there is hardly any reason to shy away from long hair. However, if you do decide to go long, it is important that you pick out hair dressing scissors and trim your hair every once in a while to keep it neat and free of any split ends.

    Best Haircuts For Men

    Wavy long hair

    If your hair is wavy and boasts of volume then you must flaunt it by adding layers to your hair. It will help add oodles of volume to your hair making it look sleek and shiny. Besides, it will also help define the wavy nature of the hair. With wavy and layered hair, you need not spend long hours styling it. You can wear it in a way that lets the waves and curls fall naturally or you could give it a side partition so that the bangs slightly cover your forehead. Wavy hair tends to get frizzy, therefore, you hair products choices should include products that help keep the frizz under control. Besides, a shine spray or liquid is a must since frizz can tend to take the shine away.

    Best Haircuts For Men

    The bob cut for men

    If you thought that the mighty old bob cut was designed to simply suit women, you must think again. The bob cut looks incredibly stylish on men as well. Ideally, bob cuts do not boast of any layers. Besides, the length of your hair should not exceed the jaw line. This lends a touch of masculinity to your overall look. To have more control over your look, a good quality hair gel will always do the trick.

    Best Haircuts For Men

    The beach look

    Almost anyone having long hair can pull off this look without actually putting in much of an effort. The key here is to avoid layers and allow the same length for your hair throughout. Pick out hair dressing scissors and snip at the bottom ends to make them look unkempt and add some much needed texture to your look. This is also a good time to essentially colour or add highlights to your hair that gets lighter as it reaches the tip of your hair. However, it should not look too perfect and must have a natural flow to it. You can finish the look with some texturizing spray to add more character to your hairdo.

    Best Haircuts For Men

    The ponytail

    This is one hot hairstyle for men and looks extremely stylish if done well. The main idea behind a ponytail is to keep your hair from falling into your face too often. Therefore, a generous amount of gel touching every strand of your hair is a must as this helps keep your hair in place. Comb your hair, pull it back and secure with an elastic band into a ponytail.

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