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    4 Braid Tutorials

    Braid within a Braid

    How To Create Unique and Stunning Braids

    Let’s be real – sometimes you don’t always have the time or the energy to make your hair into a perfect quaff everyday. Oftentimes, a braid is the perfect fun, flirty solution. Not only are braids a hot trend in hair right now, but they are easy to manage and a great way to add a flirty femininity to your upcoming spring hairstyle arsenal. If you’re not into the Jane Eyre-esque feeling you get from donning a classic French braid, this season opt for a braid that has a little more complexity to it. To add a little extra pizazz to any of the following braids, tie in ribbons or yarn for a pop of color and texture.

    Braid Within a Braid

    Don’t have a panic attack! This hairstyle seems complex but is actually quite easy to accomplish and the finish product is totally worth it

    1. Smooth any fly-aways with a leave-in conditioner and secure in a low, side ponytail
    2. Divide your hair into three sections
    3. Braid a small braid in two of the three sections and tie off with small elastics
    4. Braid the larger sections of hair into a classic three-strand braid
    5. Remove the small elastics on the smaller braids and tie off the large braid
    6. Use hair spray to smooth fly-aways and help the strands stay intact

    The Fishtail Braid

    The Fishtail Braid

    1. Part your  hair into two even sections
    2. Take a small strand of hair from the outside of one section and crossing over that section, bring it over to the underside of the other section
    3. Repeat on the opposite side
    4. Continue these steps until the braid is finished
    5. Lightly tug at the edges of the braid to widen it, which will make your braid a little more full

    Remember to make sure your strands aren’t too large or your fishtail braids will end up looking more like a regular braid.

    Jessica Alba rocks a half braid ponytial

    Braided Ponytail

    1. Make a side part and take a section of hair from the front left side of your part to the left of your temple
    2. Split this section into three and braid normally
    3. Tug lightly at the edges to thicken the braid, secure with pins or a small elastic
    4. Now take all your hair into a ponytail (medium to high ponytail looks polished with this braid).
    5. Secure ponytail with an elastic. Unpin the first braid as it is now tied in with the ponytail

    Optional: For a more sophisticated look on the braided ponytail take a small piece of hair and wrap it around your hair elastic to cover it.


    Jemima Kirke in Lace Braids

    Lace Braid

    Very similar to a French braid, except you bring the hair to one side in a lace braid.

    1. Section off hair from the front of your head, to the back or the top of your crown. Put the remaining hair below that into a ponytail.
    2. Brush your hair over to one side (the side towards you), exposing your ear. Starting behind the ear take three pieces of hair and braid once.
    3. Now add hair to the side closest to your forehead
    4. Continue braiding (either in a French or Dutch braid pattern, your choice) across the top of your head. But not right up on your hairline, this isn’t a headband braid.
    5. Once you reach the other side of your head braid off the remaining hair and tie with a hair tie. You can now take the bottom hair you tied back at the beginning out of it’s ponytail.

    Adding braids to your hairstyle repertoire considerably expands your options, especially on those days when nothing else seems to be working. Set aside a bit of time to practice these braid tutorials, and I think you’ll love how simple it is to change up your look with these braids.

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    1. Hi Cozy,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment! We’re happy to hear that you liked our blog about braids. We very much liked your tutorial how to create a heart shaped braid as well. Looking for more trendy hairstyling ideas? Dont miss the article 6 Must Have Braided Ponytails.

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      Comment by Michelle Skye — March 29, 2013 @ 3:29 pm

    2. What a great round-up of braids! You’ve given me some really good ideas on exciting ways to style my little clients’ hair at my NYC salons. I also like to share my insider tips on how to do trendy girl’s hairstyles. I recently wrote a post on the super popular girl’s hairstyle, The Heart Braid: and I couldn’t help but share it with you and your readers. I hope you enjoy! -Cozy

      Comment by Cozy Friedman — March 22, 2013 @ 9:32 am

    3. Hi Cher,

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      Comment by Cher — March 19, 2013 @ 9:48 pm

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