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    Brushed Out Curls: DIY How to Tutorial

    See How Easy it is to Create Luscious Brushed Out Curls

    Brushed out curls and waves are a favorite pageant hairstyle for a reason – they are the perfect combination of feminine and sexy. In addition, the brushed out curls hairstyle is highly versatile. You can try out a variant style of curls to make it look casual, glam, or vintage. The soft wave look from brushed out curls, however, is gaining more popularity because it is super easy to do and delivers a look that never fails to turn a few heads.

    The main difference with brushed out curls is, as the name implies, the brushing effect. It therefore creates more natural looking waves because the hair acts as one rather than being divided into curled out sections also, it looks more casual.

    And that is not even the best part yet – brushed out curls can be done even without using heat, if you want to protect the integrity of your hair. But if you want the style to hold, you can apply hair spray before heat styling for protection.


    Brushed out Curls

    Brushed Out Curls: Tutorial

    1. The key to creating beautiful brushed out curls is getting enough volume and texture in the hair. You can use a mousse for that. Depending on the natural texture of your hair, you can opt to use a curl holding or volume boosting mousse. Use your own discretion on this one.

    2. The next step is to divide your hair into sections. Take out a bottle of hair spray and start applying it onto the hair. Apply hairspray by section, too.

    3. When it comes to creating the waves, you have two tools to choose from: ceramic curling iron or hot rollers. When curling, make sure you start working halfway down the length of your hair. Do not forget to spritz with hairspray as you go along. This will provide a layer of protection from the heat and also enable the curls to hold longer.


    4. Wait for the curls to set before you do anything with your hair. Once you are happy with the curls, run your fingers through each curled section. This will cause the strands to separate a little and loosen up.

    Brushed out Curls

    5. Flip your hair upside down. Use a paddle brush and run it through the hair.

    6. Then, flip your head back to its original state. Finish off styling with a high gloss hairspray to give it some shine.


    Brushed out Curls

    Why Celebs Love It

    Brushed out curls are a favorite among celebrities because this hairstyle creates a sassy but a stylish vibe to your look. But here are some more reasons why you’d want to sport brushed out curls, and why celebs are joining the bandwagon:

    • The hair style is super easy to do. It is more forgiving than other hair styles.

    • It is great for every season! No need to worry about whether it suits the season because it will look just as stylish in the summer as it will during fall or winter.

    • It also opens up more styling possibilities as you can accentuate it with braids or add accessories to give it a bohemian vibe.

    • It is a polished look with a hint of being effortlessly chic.

    • It falls naturally so it won’t have that crunchy or crispy effect to it.

    For more seductive brushed out curls, check out our Pinterest Wavy Hairstyles board.

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