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    The Ultimate Chignon Hair Styles Tutorial

    Chignon Hair Styles

    Chignon Hair Styles AKA The Bun

    You might have heard about the term “Chignon” when hairdressers refer to a particular hairstyle. Don’t despair . . .  it’s just a fancy term that basically refers to a hairstyle that we know too well “the bun”. This is the perfect go-to choice of hair style for when you are having bad hair days or running late in the morning. And yet, it is the most chic look that you can wear either day or night, depending on how you style the chignon hair styles.

    If you need some inspiration here are five of the top chignon hairstyles sported by celebrities and in runway shows this past year.

    Chignon Hair Styles

    The Textured Bun Chignon Hair Style

    This is a somewhat modern take on the chignon hair style, which looks elegant but with a bit of an edgy mojo to it. The front and sides are also styled to look sleek.

    Start by gathering your hair in a ponytail and then place it on top of the head. Use hairspray on the sides and front to smooth it down for that sleek look. Spray dry shampoo on the pony to achieve more texture then twist hair into a bun. Secure it in place using bobby pins. Spray in dry shampoo once more and scrunch it a bit with your fingers to make hair more piece-y.


    Chignon Hair Styles

    The High Bun Chignon Hair Style

    This hair style is ideal for any woman who wants a classy look. It is minimalistic yet speaks a lot.

    To do this high bun start with clean, smooth hair. Then, gather your hair into a high ponytail. But when done wrapping your hair at the end, form a knot instead of creating a bun. Make sure hair is wrapped around the base and then pull hair through from the center. Use large hairpins to secure. You can use the foam donut trick when styling short hair. Hold the hairstyle in place by spritzing on some hairspray.


    Chignon Hair Styles

    The Side-Swept Chignon Hair Style

    This is one of the most classic hair styles and is popular for a bridal look. It ooozes glamour and is surprisingly easy to do.

    First you need to gather your hair and form a low side pony. Use a 1-inch barrel curling iron and wrap your hair around it to create curls on your ponytail. Use your brush to soften the curls a little bit and give it more teasing for volume. Braid your hair loosely and wrap it using an elastic band. Keep it steady by clipping in some bobby pins. Take your curling iron once again and wrap your hair in a 45-degree angle. Make sure you do not open the clamp as you do so. As you release the hair, pull at it gently to loosen up the curls.


    Chignon Hair Styles

    The Tousled Chignon Hair Style

    This hair style is all about texture. After all, there is a sexy charm to a hair style that looks a bit messy and undone. But if your hair lacks that natural texture, there are still a few tricks you can try.

    A wave-enhancing sea salt spray is a great product to start with. Use it on damp hair and begin twisting random sections of your hair. Use clips to secure each section that you just knotted. Then, blow dry your hair. Wait a few minutes before you release the sections of hair that have been clipped to get rumpled waves that have a lot of texture. At this point, you should divide hair in your bang area into sections. The rest must be formed into a loose bun and secured at the back of the head. Tease your bangs at the roots and then use your best tool to incorporate them with the rest of your hair – fingers!


    Chignon Hair Styles

    The Romantic Chignon Hair Style

    This is probably the most popular chignon hair style because it is romantic and sophisticated at the same time. This type of chignon is characterized by its use of braids and tendrils. There is a lot going on in this hair style that belies its laidback and casual vibe. However, it is worth the effort because this hair style is sure to turn a few heads.

    If you want to do the romantic chignon hair style, simply divide the bang area and clip. Gather the rest of the hair and create a loose ponytail. Create a center part by unclipping the front section of the hair. Twist the hair on the opposing side before creating a ponytail that is higher than the first one you have just secured. Then, combine both ponytails and start to braid various smaller sections of the hair. Finally, twist it together to form a bun and use a bobby pin to secure loose ends. Pull out some of the twisting tendrils and let them fall loosely on the sides. Finish off with a light hold hairspray.


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