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    Choosing the Right Makeup for Your Hairstyle

    Stylist Tips for Deciding Which Makeup Goes Best With a Particular Hairstyle

    When your hair and makeup are in sync it can completely pull together your entire look. But deciding which makeup goes best with a certain hairstyle isn’t always easy. Thinking about it though, this is why companies like Beauty Booker exist. With the help of professional makeup artists and hairstylists, you shouldn’t have any issues when it comes to deciding what hairstyle goes with what makeup look (or the other way around). But if you are willing to lean on your own for now, professional stylists spend years testing out different hair and makeup combos before learning which ones work best together. You can use their tricks of the trade to create a look that wows without spending years to figure it out. If you are thinking about doing your makeup by yourself then you should check out something like wholesale makeup to help you save a bit of money, whilst also getting some really cool stuff.

    Find Beauty Products That Work

    First and foremost, no makeup look is going to complement a hairstyle if the products are sub-par. Pro stylists and makeup artists know they can’t trust the marketing hype when they’re investing in beauty products, and you shouldn’t either.

    Beauty product testing from a reputable third party and consumer reviews are two ways to find out how well makeup products work before you buy. The bonus is that research and consumer reviews also tell manufacturers which products are in-demand so they’ll be easier to find in the future.

    Research the Latest Hair and Makeup Trends

    Instead of reinventing the wheel, you can reinvent a look that was put together by a high-end stylist. You can spend hours on Instagram alone checking out the latest looks from top designers, makeup artists, and your favorite celebrities. They’ve done most of the legwork for you. All you have to do is find a look that you like and tweak it to make it your own.

    Keep Hair and Makeup Appropriate for Your Age and Coloration

    When you’re researching looks online keep in mind that not all hairstyles and makeup work universally. Stick to looks on models that have the same hair, eye, and skin color as you. Your coloration can make a huge difference in how makeup hues appear. They can look gorgeous on one person but totally washed out someone else.

    Another cardinal rule of creating a knockout hair and makeup look is to make age appropriate choices. There are some styles and haircuts you can pull off in your twenties that just don’t work in your forties. That’s not to say older women have to choose matronly hairstyles and makeup. It just means that some styles will look a little too juvenile, which will detract from your beauty.

    Keep It Appropriate for the Occasion

    Both your hair and makeup should be appropriate for the occasion as well. Keep the venue, time of day, guest list and purpose of the event in mind when you’re creating a hair and makeup look.

    Keep the Season in Mind

    Seasonality also comes into play when you’re creating a hair and makeup combo. Start with choosing a hairstyle that works with the weather, since humidity and temperature can affect the texture of hair. Next, choose makeup colors that are complimentary with the season. For example, in the spring delicate pastels are usually on-trend.

    Do a Dress Rehearsal

    If you’re attending a big event like an anniversary party or wedding and want to look your absolute best, do a dress rehearsal. At least a week before the event try on your outfit, fix your hair and do your makeup to see how the ensemble looks when everything is pulled together. If things look off, play around with your hair and makeup until it’s exactly what you envisioned.

    Balance the Boldness of Your Hair and Makeup

    There’s a good rule of thumb to follow with your hair and makeup is to keep things looking balanced rather than too simple or too over-the-top. If you’re doing a fancy updo, then keep your makeup simple so that your hair takes center stage. If you’re keeping your hairstyle simple feel free to be a little more daring with your makeup. For instance, a slicked back high ponytail pairs nicely with dramatic eyes.

    Keeping your hair and makeup balanced will help you look put together without looking costumey. Decide first which element you want to play up and then plan the rest from there.

    Remember that your hair and makeup work together in tandem. Everything has to work in harmony as a cohesive look or it can easily appear off.


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