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    What to do When Your Stylist Screws Up on Hair Color Job

    Has this hair color issue happened to you?

    Alyssa writes:
    “I advised her to increase the amount of brown (chocolate truffle) throughout my hair, and to change the shade of blonde from a yellowish over to more of a wheat blonde. She asked me if I wanted to darken the faded streaks around my face and I advised yes. After the color process was over, she was washing my hair and applying a toner, and out of nowhere she stopped and said, “I have to go get something, I will be right back.” She completed my hair and I was somewhat satisfied, however, this was nothing new, I react this way every time she has done my hair. When I got home, I pulled my hair up and noticed why she stopped during the toning of my hair. She completely missed a triangle of hair around my face, and the section she did get, the highlighter was taken out too early and is a strawberry blonde color. In addition to this, when I advised her to increase the amount of dark hair, she changed the color to a darker brown, that totally looks horrible with my color of blonde. Due to she is the daughter of a close friend, and I don’t want to get her in trouble, I called her a week later and left a message to return my call three times. She has not returned my call, so apparently she is very aware of why I am calling. I am not touching my hair due to I don’t know a thing about hair color. I have had the damaged job for two weeks and I am furious I paid $170 for this. Is it too early to go to a salon for correction? And should I notify the owner of the studio this has happened?”

    hair color correction

    Alyssa is not alone

    Hair color correction can be a tricky business. In Alyssa’s case the trouble becomes twofold as her hairdresser/colorist is the daughter of a close friend. I’m well aware that Alyssa is not alone with her hair color job gone bad dilemma. But things could get more difficult to correct if she doesn’t take action fast.

    You have done the right thing in trying to reach your hairdresser. I’m afraid, as you probably have suspected, that your hair stylist doesn’t know what to do.  The fact that she hasn’t called you back speaks volumes about her level of color correction experience. No doubt she is stressed out, as she wanted to please you and hasn’t got the confidence that she can now fix the problem.

    First of all, you need to go back sooner, rather than later to get the color fixed. The problem will only get more complicated if left long enough for roots to begin to appear. My suggestion is that you force the issue with your hair stylist or the salon. You could do this a couple of different ways. First, you could simply walk in and have your hairdresser look at your hair color. Tell her you aren’t happy with the color and ask her directly if she is able to get it closer to what you had in mind. Use your women’s intuition here, I’m suspicious that she is afraid of her capabilities of handling a hair color correction and might be relieved to be let off the hook . . . as you should be too if she isn’t positive of what steps to take.

    Hair Color Job Consultation

    Seeking a Higher Authority

    Another option is talking with the salon owner, who I’m sure would want to know about the problem. She wants to have a chance to fix it and keep you as a salon customer. Most hair salons have stylists who are at different levels of experience. They should be able to fix it for you and for what you paid, it should be at no cost to you.

    If your gal hasn’t the experience or know-how of correcting this problem, this will be a big learning moment for her. This can be a win-win situation at this point for everyone if handled correctly.  You can come out with the hair color you were after, the hair salon keeps you as a client, and your friend’s daughter will increase her knowledge of not only color correction, but how to face-up and work through problems that can  and do arise when coloring the hair.

    But at some point you might just have to bite the bullet and find a new hair colorist. If you get to that point, here are some tips How to Find a Hair Colorist and this video:

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    1. I had an issue with my old stylist/colorist. I had a picture with me of a really nice red/auburn color and she turned my hair into a fire hydrant red. Was not flattering at all. I went in a week later and she darkened it to almost a burgundy which was very nice but not what i wanted. There had always been something I didn’t like about my hair every time she did it so i bit the bullet and found a new colorist. LOVE her! We’re always on the same page, she has over 16 years of experience, and bonus the salon is literally next door to my work. Guess everything worked out in the end!

      Comment by Gillian — September 6, 2016 @ 12:14 am

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