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    Confirmation, Hairstyles Affect Your Self Esteem

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    Scientific confirmation, Hairstyles affect your self-esteem . . . Duhh!

    I really get a kick out of these scientists who give us confirmation of the obvious and then try to make you think they have made some kind of breakthrough? Well here is a classic example. All the while I was reading this press release I kept looking for the punch line. I thought for sure this was satire.

    Women figured this out while living in the caves and this guy makes it sound like it didn’t exist until his study confirmed that hairstyles affect your self-esteem.

    What was interesting and a bit surprising was how young it all starts. Yes, he is right, we should be teaching our young girls good hair care techniques and strategies very early on. Don’t you wish your mom had spent more time teaching you how to have great a looking hair style?

    Pediatrician Writes Rx for Self Esteem in GirlsAs controversy mounts as to whether or not school age girls are being over medicated, one Chicago area pediatrician writes a prescription that parents will surely rush to fill.Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 5th — As controversy mounts as to whether or not school age children are being over medicated, one Chicago area pediatrician writes a prescription that parents will surely rush to fill. Of Corn Silk and Black Braids ($17.95 11x11in. hardback, ISBN 0-9657033-2-0) tells the tale of a young girl entangled with issues of self-esteem and at the root of her problem she finds — hairstyles.So what is the connection between a girl’s hairstyle and their self-esteem? Author Vincent L. Johnson M.D. answers girls, like adults, can show signs of increased self-doubt and intensified social insecurities when they are unhappy with their appearance. Dr. Johnson further explains, So called bad hair days can turn into unpleasant days in general due to low self perception.

    Of Corn Silk and Black Braids aims to help girls overcome negative self-image by teaching them to find pride in their appearance, appreciate their differences, and above all, discover beauty within.

    Hair Raising Self Esteem Boosters

    • Take your girls to a hairdresser that has experience with her specific hair type; have the hairdresser teach both you and your girls how to properly care for their hair
    • Letting your girls assist in the care and maintenance of their hair will give them a sense of responsibility
    • Help your girls find a hairstyle that reflects her unique personality
    • Remember that girl’s hairstyles should be easy to manage and suit their active lifestyles
    • Teach your girls the importance of inner beauty

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