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    Did Making the Cut Vidal Sassoon get Cut?

    making the cut vidal sassoon



    Making the cut Vidal Sassoon is nowhere to be found

    Episode 2 of Making the Cut Vidal Sassoon was scheduled to be aired last Friday night. I forgot to record it. On Saturday I went to the TLC Website that originally contained the schedule to find out when it was going to be aired again so I could record it. Nothing, nada, neyt, zero, zilch, not a chance . . . the page was blank.

    “Making the Cut Vidal Sassoon Hopefully
    it is Gone”

    I note that several readers posted comments on my post about episode 1 and judging by those comments and my email, it appears as though Friday nights episode never aired. Please someone let me know if it did. But I suspect that the grown ups at Vidal Sassoon looked at the audience reaction to episode 1 and decided the they were tanking their brand . . . big time.

    Episode 1 made the whole organization look like a bunch of rank amateurs. It was awful, almost painful to watch.

    If in fact the management pulled the show, they earned back a little of my respect. Now if they would just return my call to them, I’d be a happy camper.

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