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    Dry Shampoo Controversy Rages On

    Dry Shampoo


    Dry Shampoo Controversy Reaching Mainstream Media

    The dry shampoo or no shampoo controversy is nothing new to those of you who are regular readers here. I original recommended that women with frizzy or curly hair, would do themselves a favor with less shampooing, in my article, Frizzy Hair? Try a no shampoo . . . shampoo? I took some heat for that position from some hairdressers who thought I was being a bit extreme.

    I felt pretty good and quite frankly, a bit surprised about the outcome of a six-week test, listeners to a radio program in Sydney Australia were engaged in, when I wrote this article Shampoo Experiment Is Worth Tracking. I reported the results in Update on the “No Shampoo” Controversy.

    But now I’m really feeling smug about my advice that particularly those of you with dry, frizzy, curly hair, would do better to cut way back on shampooing your locks, now that the New York Times has weighed in with a comprehensive article on the topic of the dry shampoo controversy in this article which appeared in their Fashion and Style section.

    Now although the “no shampoo” or even the “dry shampoo” isn’t for everyone, it’s clear that even the professional hair care manufacturers are jumping on board so not to be left behind. The above article reports that Bumble and Bumble and Oscar Blandi are two professional lines that now carry dry shampoos.

    You can also find, “No Rinse Shampoo” by Clean Life Products at Sally Beauty Supply for about $7.00. This is a liquid that can be put into dry hair. Just lather and towel dry, no rinse necessary. It’s a great alternative for those who can’t bend over a sink or are bed ridden. It’s also a good alternative for those of you with dreadlocks.

    If you have any doubts that less shampooing can be better than more, read the above articles, you’re in for a surprise. One thing this article reminds me of that I had completely forgotten about in my earlier writings on dry shampooing, is the wash and set crowd that still goes into a salon for a weekly shampoo and set. In fact I know of at least one hairdresser in my area who still has 70 regular weekly standing appointments with the wash and set ladies.

    Our moms knew some things that we can still learn from, up until the early 80’s they were pretty much the no shampoo crowd.

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    1. I don’t really used dry shamppoo but thank for the tips you give us…

      Comment by Jenera Salter — February 21, 2011 @ 3:57 pm

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