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    What Everybody Ought to Know About Emu Oil


    Mirror, Mirror On the Wall . . . Will Emu Oil Give Me The Fairest Hair of All?

    Well, if the fairest hair was Snow White’s then she must have listened to her hair stylist and had the seven dwarves mine shampoo & conditioner with Emu Oil! Now, since the rest of us aren’t Snow White and tend to take healthy hair for granted, I’m going give you Snow White’s trade secrets for glossy, healthy hair that will last a lifetime. Ready? Two things: diet and emu oil!

    Emu Oil

    The Three Wise Men

    Great hair begins with a good diet, plenty of water, and foods rich with “The Three Wise Men.” That’s what I like to call the trio of vitamins dedicated to producing good hair. In order to keep the glossy locks of our youth, make sure to eat foods rich in omega-3, vitamin E, and biotin (water soluble vitamin B) aka the “Three Wise Men.” You can find these vitamins in any dark green vegetable, fish, nuts, and blueberries.

    Emu Oil

    It Takes More than Diet

    But diet alone won’t give the fairest hair of all. You need to feed the hair follicles and scalp in order to retain the essential nutrients needed to maintain the same strong, healthy appearance year after year. Because, let’s face reality, those permanent colors, long term straightening treatments, and even the marching hands of time can put strain on an otherwise healthy scalp and over time, our follicles become starved for hair nutrition. So what is hair nutrition? Emu Oil! I’ll say it again . . . Emu oil!

    Emu Oil

    Give Emu Oil a Try

    A hair nutrient not commonly known, but soon to be widely recognized as a hair miracle, is emu oil. Emu oil easily penetrates hair follicles and is very efficient in growing hair! It’s made mostly of fatty acids; fatty acid properties similar to those in humans containing oleic acid. Emu oil has properties of an anti-inflammatory as well as natural omega-6 and omega-3.

    Emu oil easily penetrate hair follicles at the cellular level, invigorates hair follicles, helps stimulate the regrowth of hair for temporary alopecia caused by vitamin deficiency or chemotherapy, plus continue to maintain healthy hair through a lifetime. Most shampoo and conditioners include Jojoba and Panthenol with various proteins to promote healthy hair. Finding a hair product, which has all of these properties, PLUS EMU OIL will give YOU a full head of glossy hair and you will have the fairest hair of all!

    Suzette Audia
    Contributing author Suzette Audia is a veteran stylist and master colorist, with over 33 years of experience in the industry. Suzette previously worked as a Matrix educator for 14 years and became one of their top instructors in hair color. She currently owns The Hair Design Group, in Plano, Texas. In 2010, Suzette developed her own line of hair products. Her most notable development is her e-shampoo & e-conditioner, which contains emu oil. Suzette enjoys sharing her vast experience on Facebook SuzetteAudiaHair and Twitter @SuzetteAudiaHD. She also enjoys sharing funny and inspiring blog posts and on


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