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    Frizzy Hair? Try No Shampoo

    No Shampoo

    Do you have dry, frizzy hair? You may want to try dry shampoo or no shampoo

    The practice of doing a no shampoo or dry shampoo . . . hair washing, has been catching on all over the country and women with dry, frizzy hair love the results!

    Here is a recent student post in my online class Finding the Right Hairstyle for You! who has the type of problem which could benefit from the no shampoo . . . hair washing.

    She writes in answer to this assignment:

    List a hair care concern you have;

    • I have always wanted to be able to wear my hair completely down without feeling like it was huge, frizzy mess etc. Most of the time I have to wear it in a ponytail for work so it always looks the same, but when I try to wear it down I usually end up wearing it half up or straightening it because I am not happy with the frizz!

    Make an inventory of your hair care routine;

    • “I usually shampoo and condition every other day because if I do it every day it seems frizzier than if I wait, but by the second day it feels very oily. I also have been deep conditioning once a week, which I’ve now learned is too often. Should I use a clarifying shampoo to counteract this??Thanks for your help!

    My reply

    The idea of the no shampoo . . . hair washing, is to let the natural oils in your hair remain in the hair, in a manageable way, to keep it conditioned. Women who have this hair type report great results! Their hair becomes shinier, better conditioned and more manageable.

    Here is how it’s done:

    • Wash your scalp with plain water, giving your scalp a good massage, as if you were using a shampoo.
    • Condition the ends of your hair. (not the scalp)
    • Rinse

    The oil doesn’t get striped out from the detergents in a no shampoo. The massaging of your scalp with water can be sufficient to remove enough surface oil to give your hair a clean look. With the water alone you are getting moisture to your hair. Although the no shampoo routine isn’t for everyone, I suggest trying it, especially if you have a frizzy hair type. Natural curly hair has the tendency to be dry because the oil can’t travel down the curly twists and bends of the hair shaft.

    I’ve tried the no shampoo on my own medium wavy hair and had mixed feelings on the results. My hair felt heavier, (as most women report) and when scrunching my hair, it gave a more conditioned smoother looking curl. For my hair type it won’t leave it fluffy like I like but to do this once in a while, I feel like a no shampoo interlude gives my hair a break . . . and it works!




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