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    Hair Accessories Add a Formal Touch to Any Updo

    hair accessories

    Hair Accessories for that formal party or wedding updo

    You know that putting just the right purse, necklace, scarf . . . the shoes will pull your formal look together? So, it is also true with hair accessories by adding of that little bit of eye candy to your hair somewhere . . . strategically placed for just hint of a glimmer of glamour, ahhhhh . . . you are now the bell of the ball.

    And when else do you get to go glitzy?

    Why not have a little fun and let out a little more of your bold side? Of course, how you choose to wear hair accessories is a personal matter, but here are a few ideas;

    Hair Accessories


    Headbands made of rhinestones worn pulling all your hair off your face or just peaking through at the top of the head can be stunning or you can opt for a simple elegant headband like that shown above or anything in between.



    chevron bobby pins

    Simple Hair Pins

    Talk about simple and cheap, all you need to glam up that updo is a handful of simple hair pins and a couple of bottles of nail polish to pull of this easy DIY trick. Let your creativity flow try many kinds of designs before settling in on one look.

    Hair Accessories

    Vintage brooches

    Next time you’re at a flea market do some scouting for some vintage custom jewelry or a vintage brooch, pinning up one side just above or right in front of the ear or, pulling back and securing on top of the head just in front of the crown.

    hair accessories

    Hair Sticks

    If you do a Google image search for the term “hair sticks” you’ll find dozens of creative ideas for hair sticks. Some will cost you a week’s salary, but one of the most interesting updos I have ever seen was at a holiday party recently wear a woman had two plastic chopsticks with Chinese characters engraved. It was a great conversational piece as several people asked the meaning throughout the night. It didn’t hurt that she was absolutely gorgeous and sporting a dress that showed plenty of cleavage. I asked about where  she bought the chopsticks, she said “Oh, I just asked for an extra set at my local Chinese restaurant . . . they gave them to me for free.”

    As you can see hair accessories need not be expensive or complicated to be effective here are some others that you might want to consider

    • Pinned into a ponytail holder
    • Bobby pins with decorative attachments
    • Hair clips, jeweled, gold or silver
    • Jeweled ponytail holders

    For more great accessory ideas check out my Pinterest Accessorize your Hairdo Wedding Hairstyles, Prom Hairstyles Boards.

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