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    Hair, hair, hair all about it . . . hair and beauty news at your door!

    Here you’ll discover what’s hot (and not so hot) in hair and beauty news besides some noteworthy news you won’t find anywhere else. Fabulous fashionistas have to stay up to date with the latest news! It’s where we learn what to wear and what not to wear with hairstyles, color trends, the best new products and basically what is current with all things hair. No one wants to unexpectantly find their style popping up in,  Hair Disasters or Hairstyles We Wish Would Just Go Away! And, we don’t want to miss out on a fabulous cut or color we should be wearing!

    We hope you find these Hair and Beauty News pages to be informational, cutting edge, (no pun intended:) unpredictable, entertaining and most of all fun! We have a quote on the wall here that comes close to summing up our philosophy, “We don’t do it like they do in New York.” We are nobody’s slave, we aren’t selling anything, so we have nothing to promote except for what we hope is a lot of great information.

    Hair and Beauty News covers a little something for everyone. Seriously! I must admit, I have the most fun writing about the odd, peculiar stories in the beauty industry (which there are plenty of . . . believe me!) But, there aren’t always enough hours in the day for that and important, information, so they are scattered here and there. Surprisingly there always seems to be something in the news that’s kind of incredible though like; “Long Hair Leads to Woman Scalped” . . . not kidding . . . don’t let it happen to you!

    For all our hairdressing friends, we’ve got editorials on our favorite hairstyle creations and color creations from hairdressers across the pond and across the world. You’ll find information on everything from,'” Best Hairdressers Footwear,” to “Hairdressing Online Courses.”  Reality hairdressing shows always have something interesting to bring to the table as well as rundowns on the biggest and best of the industry. We also like to jump on topics that are ‘poo-poo-ed’ by hair care manufacturers to talk about like; “The No Shampoo Hair Experiment.”

    When we get a hold of something in the industry that we don’t think we are getting the whole story on, we promise to dig deep for answers. Things like, what you should know about the safety of hair straightening treatments as well as safety in manicure and pedicure services. And then on a lighter note, don’t miss, “How an Eyebrow Makeover can Take Off 10 Years” no kidding!

    We will do our best to keep you well informed. We bring you the latest news on everything from hair product giveaways to current hairstyling tips from the pros. Answers are here for all your hair color questions to the newest hair color trends and who can and can’t wear them. Discover the latest, greatest hair and beauty news today by clicking on the articles below!

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