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    Know Which Hair Brush Does What

    best hair brushes

     What you need to know about hair brush differences

    If you had been using the same hair brush for as long as you can remember – and you thought that it was the best hair brush type for your hair because you’ve given so much thought before buying it – and you use the same hair brush when blow drying, de-tangling, or doing all kinds of things to make your hair look beautiful, then you probably aren’t doing it any good. Not all hair brushes are created equal. And that means that there is one design for every purpose. Your favorite hair brush simply cannot do it all, so I’ve put together these hair brush recommendations and hair brush reviews.

    Brushing your hair is the most basic form of hair care. But a lot of women aren’t realizing it that their hair brushing techniques are causing havoc on their locks, gradually but significantly. If you look deeper into the market, you’ll realize that there are plenty of hair brushes to choose from according to brush shape, barrel type, and hair brush bristles. Shall we look into each?

    Brush Shape

    The paddle hair brush is one of the more popular types of hair brushes in the market and rightfully so. This type of hair brush is designed primarily for drying hair and straightening your hair. It is also known by another name – flat brushes – so don’t be confused. This type of hair brush is the best tool to use on long hairstyles or straight bobs. The bristles are made of nylon and help to create a smooth and shiny finish to large areas of the hair. This kind of brush is typically used with a blow dryer for creating straight styles.

    Another type of hair brush according to shape is known as the round brush. As the name implies, it is rounded in shape and is ideal for creating curls or adding volume to hair. If you would like to add lift to the roots or give more movement and shape into the hair, then this is the brush for you. You can also select from a variety of barrel sizes that will also determine the amount of volume you can get with the styling procedure.

    Hair Brush

    Lastly, there is also a teasing brush that is recommended for styling updos or if you want to add more height into your hair. This type of brush is often made out of plastic or nylon bristles. The brush comes with a pointed end, which is excellent for dividing hair into sections or experimenting with different parts. However, this brush is a no-no for  hair brush for fine hair and fragile hair texture.

    Hair Brushes

    Barrel Type

    In addition to the shape of the hair brush, another factor that you need to look into when finding the right brush for your styling and hair care needs is the barrel. The barrel is important to consider especially for those with damaged, dull or curly hair. The right kind of barrel can also speed up the drying process of your hair when you are trying to blow dry your hair.

    A ceramic hair brush hair dryer is safe enough for daily use. It is the most popular kind of barrel in a brush, mainly because it also offers the most benefits. It provides a gentle stream of heat to hair so that it dries quickly without damaging it. If you can invest in a variety of sizes for ceramic brushes, that would be a good investment in creating a wide range of styles.

    Tourmaline brush is another commonly available kind of hair brush according to barrel type. This brush is made from crushed gemstones that produce negative ions that contribute to reducing static in hair while brushing. Hence, this brush is recommended for use during winter months wherein your locks can get extremely dry and produce lots of static.

    For smoothing out hair or removing any tangle formation, the vented flat brush is your best bet. This hair brush has holes in it to facilitate equal heat distribution when used with a blow dryer for consistency in styling results. Meanwhile, the thermal brush produces the same effect as a ceramic brush.


    The final factor to consider when buying a new hair brush is the bristle used for making it. This is also the most critical because the hair brush bristles are the ones that come in direct contact with your hair strands. Majority of hair types will respond well when used with mixed bristles, which is a combination of boar and nylon bristles. But it can get tricky as several factors can contribute to changing of hair texture.

    For thin and dry hair, a natural bristle brush is the best kind of brush to use. This facilitates in an equal distribution of sebum from your scalp throughout the hair ends. Thus, the natural oil produced by your scalp aid in providing moisture into your locks. The bristles are also gentle enough to stimulate the scalp to encourage healthy growth of new hair.

    A boar bristle brush, on the other hand, is ideal for thick and coarse hair. The material is obtained from wild boar hair that is packed together tightly yet it still has that flexible quality to it. Like a natural bristle brush, it also facilitates in even distribution of serum for a shiny and smooth finish. Meanwhile, a hair brush nylon bristle is what you need to use if you have fine to medium strands. They are not as expensive as a boar bristle brush but equally effective.

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    Contributing author Abby Pringles is a writer who likes to write about topics relating to beauty, hair, and fashion. You can check her personal blog, Life in the Fash Lane, to read more of her works. Aside from fashion and beauty, Abby is also a hardcore basketball and tennis fan. Connect with her on Twitter and Facebook.

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