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    Hair Chalking Tutorial

    Hair chalking neon colors on light blonde hair

    Hair Chalking 101, The DIY How To Secrets

    No, hair chalking isn’t new, but this season it really seems to be catching on! The beauty of hair chalking  is that it lets you play around with color to suit your mood, your outfit, or your style vibe without the commitment that regular dyes or full-on ombre hair colors require. While there are several companies that manufacture “Hair Chalk”, a simple box of non-oil based chalk pastels available at any art supply store, will give you the same colorful, temporary boost that more expensive products offer. Another plus about hair chalking is that it factors low on the coordination scale, so you don’t need to be really good with hair “stuff” to use it.

    If you have blonde or light colored hair use hair chalk in it’s dry form. Applying hair chalk to light hair when it is wet will give you a darker, longer lasting dose of color pigment, but it can be difficult to remove, especially from damaged or bleached hair. If your hair is darker however, you’ll need to dampen the strands you want to chalk for the color to be bold and bright.

    What you’ll need:

    • Hair chalk
    • Gloves
    • Old sheet or throw for the floor
    • Old shirt
    • Spray bottle
    • Flat iron/curling iron
    • Hair spray

     Step by Step How To:

    1.  Once you have selected the chalk colors you want, prep your 1st section of hair using a spray bottle. It’s best to dampen as you go. Take a few strands – less than you would use in a curling iron, but more than just a few wisps, and twist them  into a tight band.

    2.  Apply the chalk using downward strokes so you don’t damage the cuticle. You can control how much pigment you add by keeping the hair damp and applying more layers of color.

    hair chalking - dark hair bangs

    3.  Allow the chalked, twisted sections of hair to dry. You can use a blow dryer but keep the setting on low and keep the nozzle far enough away from the hair so you don’t blow off the chalk.

    4.  Set the color using a flat iron or curling iron, and apply a spritz of hairspray to lock in the look.

    hair chalking with flat iron

    5.  Want to get funky with it? Create beautiful braids using a variety of vibrant colored streaks blended together. You can create dramatic ombre hair color, or a cool rainbow effect using multiple colors. Remember on dark hair to start with a base of white chalk and build the color on top of that for a more dramatic effect.

    Hair chalking multi-colored fishtail braid

    Chalked hair may come off on your pillow case and will generally last until you shampoo it out. If you have blond hair you may need to use a clarifying shampoo to wash out the pigment, just be sure to follow with a good conditioning.

    Insider Tip: Use different gloves for your warm and cool color applications to keep the colors true. And, avoid using styling products such as creams, waxes or shine products that can make a slippery mess. Also, don’t mix a day of hair chalking with a trip to the beach, or a day in the rain, for obvious reasons.

    For more great hair chalking pictures check out our Hair Color Ideas Pinterest board.

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