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    How to Prevent Hair Color Fading

    Hair Color Fade Can be Minimized by Removing Hard Water Chemical Residue

    Karla Asks:

    What can I do to my get hair color to last longer? I have my hair colored in a hairdressing salon and it always looks good for about one week but then it begins to fade out. I only wash it every few days or so, and I use a shampoo for color treated hair. I also keep it well conditioned and try not to use too much heat with my blow dryer and curling iron. Any suggestions on how I can get hair color that doesn’t fade so fast?


    According to experts at Texas A&M University one of the biggest culprits of hair color fading too quickly is oxidation. Oxidation happens quicker when hair color is applied to strands that have a buildup of minerals from your water. Chlorine and mineral build up from hard water will interfere with hair color by attaching and coating the hair shaft with chemical residue.

    Hard water leaves hair feeling dry, dull, unmanageable and with a coated texture to the hair. Hard water can also leave an orangey, coppery discoloration to the hair. You can remove this buildup by treating your hair with a Hard Water Demineralizer at home. I recommend using a treatment before going in for your next hair color appointment for your best coverage, best shine and a longest lasting hair color.

    Malibu Demineralization Treatment is easy to apply at home. Shampoo and rinse hair, pour crystals into wet palm, then rub together to form a rich gel. When applied into hair it turns to a lathering treatment. This treatment can be used as often as needed to rid hair of mineral buildup or discoloration. For best results, cover with a shower cap and wrap in a towel or go under a dryer for 15 to 20 minutes.

    Some salons offer this treatment for clients. Consider this step in the salon or at home for all around better looking locks as well as prepping your hair for your best hair color yet!

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