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    Hair Color Trends

    Hair Color Trends

    Hair Color Trends: The Funky, The Conservative

    If only changing your hair color was as easy and effortless and non-committal as changing, say, your nail polish. While both hair color and nail color can have a big impact on the way you carry yourself, selecting a hair color or following a hair color trend that will work for the way you live your life is a decision that should be considered carefully.

    There are several aspects of hair color that you should keep in mind before taking the plunge into any new color; the shade and hue that will best enhance your skin tone, the condition of your hair, and your lifestyle. Consider these three as the holy trinity of finding the right hair color. If you work in a conservative field, going bold platinum blonde or firery red may not send the best message from 9-5 Regardless, there are several subtle and even not so subtle hair color options for every lifestyle that you may want to try.

    Hair color trends might be broken down into hair colors for those who like to stand out in the crowd, the funky and the more conservative.

    Funky Hair Color Trends

    Are almost always a flash-in-the-pan, lasting maybe a year or so and then fading- out quickly. And those who decide to jump into the new hair color trend late, or are still wearing the look, say, a year or so later, they’ve usually missed the mark. Funky hair coloring from emo jet black, to pastel blues, pinks, lavenders and taxi yellows, these hair color trends have a life, albeit a short one. So, if you are so inclined . . . jump in up front, sooner is better than later.

    Conservative Hair Color Trends

    On the other hand, conservative hair color trends live a long life and cross over all age groups. The best of these hair color trends add to the advancement of all hair coloring skills and techniques in the industry. Think of Jennifer Aniston’s much coveted dimensional hair color introduced years ago and is still going strong! Dimensional hair coloring has been a godsend to the industry. The art of foiling in multiple shades of color and bleach was a new concept which took off, has been built on and will be in style for years to come.

    Hair coloring skills and techniques keep improving and evolving like everything else, and nobody knows where it will go to next . . . and that’s the fun part. We need artists with their visions of what can be, to be encouraged us to go for it and introduce us to things we never imagined could happen with hair color. These artists give us new directions to go with hair color and a load of new ideas to build from.

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