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    Easy Hair Product Guide for Hair Types

    Hair products for every hair type

    Hair Type is Really Important in Choosing Hair Products 

    Lost in the myriad of hair products that promise to make your hair look spectacular and ultra seductive? Narrow down your options and choose only the best types of hair products which will really make a difference in the way your hair looks with this easy guide.

    Choosing a stylish haircut is an excellent step towards finding the most flattering hairstyle for you. However, it often is not enough. Even if you opt for low maintenance hairstyles, you still need to know which types of hair products best suit your tresses. It all starts with identifying your hair type correctly and then catering to its needs with the right hair styling products. Thankfully, the greatly diversified hair care and hair styling industry has brought a variety of alternatives for every type of need. Here are a few tips to make sure your tresses get what they need:

    Fine Hair

    Those with fine hair are often tempted to load up on products in hopes they will get the finish they crave. However, loading up on too many hair products will end up having an adverse effect, so the less is more mantra is definitely applicable here. You’ll need products that add volume and texture without build up. Volumizers add volume to the roots of the hair, where it is most needed. Use enough to saturate the roots. A good texturizer is also helpful for those with this hair type.

    Thick hair

    This type of hair works well with a wide range of products but it can definitely benefit from a variety of creams and pastes that can penetrate the hair. A textured haircut is a great alternative for this hair type. Suitable hair products for getting more flattering looks are hair lotions which provide more hold than a mousse, without the stiffness of the gel, so they tend to be a great choice.

    Curly Hair

    Those blessed with natural curls know that making them look great can sometimes be a challenge. Curly strands need moisturizing to stay healthy and strong. There’s a variety of shampoos out there designed specifically to address the needs of this hair type and tame frizz. As far as styling goes, hair lotion is generally suited for curly hair. As far as hairspray goes, you are better off choosing a light hold product which won’t make your curls crunchy. A spray gel is an equally fabulous option if you’re looking for an upgrade for hair spray.

    Wavy Hair

    Wavy hair is often subjected to many of the problems that curly girls have. To tame flyways, you can definitely benefit from choosing a styling cream, shampoos and conditioners marketed for curly hair. To block humidity and minimize frizz, look for a silicone based hair product and for extra oomph look for volumizers.

    Colored/Chemically Processed Hair

    If you’ve experimented with a lot of hairstyles, chances are your tresses have definitely felt the burden that comes with a lot of experimenting. Avoiding heat as much as possible is key to restoring the health of your mane. If you’ve finally found your perfect shade, make sure to maintain it and keep it looking perfect for as long as possible. Products specifically designed with moisturizing conditioners for colored hair are your best bet when it comes to proper hair care.

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