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    Hair Sticks Make Captivating Hair Accessory!

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    Hair sticks recreate new/old charm!

    Shaun Bazner, owner of Mei Fa Hair Styx, created her trademarked shapes and styles of hair sticks in 1978 after she became tired of the headaches and hair breakage she got with other hair clips and hair accessories. She was an African and Jazz dancer with long hair and needed to find a way to keep her hair out-of-the-way.

    Shaun reintroduced me to hair sticks. I have thick, long slightly layered hair which I wear in updos often. But, I admit I’ve been stuck in a rut using hair clips, barrettes and elastics to get my hair off my neck. (Need to add here, they all give me headaches eventually.) I actually had some plain hair sticks in my hair accessories arsenal, but with wearing short hairstyles, and medium length hairstyles, I put them away, back where alligators go to die . . . and forgot about them! (By the way, hair sticks can be worn in medium short hair to create half-updos.)

    So, I tried some of Shaun’s hair sticks and I’m loving them! I don’t get headaches wearing them and they don’t damage the hair. They are made from maple wood and are topped with beads, semi-precious stones and metals.

    Two hair sticks, sometimes only one, is all that is needed to hold chignons, French braids, French twists, ponytails, ballerina buns or any updo you can come up with! And, the hair sticks allow the hair to loosen comfortably and fall gracefully into a soft, feminine updo!

    Hair sticks are designed specifically not to break or damage hair. Your hair sticks can even add body and waves to the hair when hair is put up slightly damp. There is a small learning curve to putting the hair sticks in correctly. But you only need a little patience to get it right and its time well spent. If you give yourself a little practice time, believe me, you’ll love the results!

    Check out, Mei Fa Hairstyx for easy how-to videos and lots of beautiful hair sticks designs to choose from.

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    Hair Accessories

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    1. I don’t know why you don’t see these used often. I agree in that they’re something different and are a great accessory.

      Comment by Best of Beehive — January 7, 2011 @ 12:33 pm

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