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    Hairstyles For Faces With a Weak Chin

    Hairstyles for faces with a weak chin

    Hairstyles for faces with a weak chin and other hiding strategies

    A lot of you need hairstyles for faces that have some less than attractive detail. I don’t talk often enough about maximizing your physical attributes and the opposite, hiding your less attractive face characteristics. It is all about creating optical illusions. Making those high lights of your face jump right out and grab the visual attention in some subtle ways. The Hollywood visual effects folks can’t hold a candle to a great hairdresser and a makeup artist when it comes time to create an optical illusion.

    “Hairstyles for faces with a defect”

    Lets look at a classic example . . . the picture above of Sophia Loren shows what can be done when you get good at this stuff. Sophia Loren has a couple of less than idea facial features, she is stuck with a quite large forehead and a weak chin. As you can see the strategy that the hairdresser and make up artist decided upon was to downplay the defects with both a hiding strategy and a visual redirection.

    The plan was for you not to notice the weak chin, but to visually be redirected to another area of the face, in this case her drop dead gorgeous eyes. Look at the haircut how everything points to the eyes. It’s almost like she is walking around with big neon flashing arrows saying “Look at my eyes”. Couple the great haircut with some masterful makeup and there you have it. In the process they used bangs to hide the forehead, we get one of the most beautiful women to grace the planet.

    One of the most successful tricks you can have in your arsenal is using redirection to visually bring focus to your strongest facial feature is with length termination. Wherever the hairstyle ends will be a natural visual focus on the plane of your face. So for an example, if you have great eyes, go short . . . above the ears. If your eyes are so, so but your nose is great, then terminate your hairstyle at earlobe level. Where your hairstyle ends is where the visual focus will be. Alternatively, if you hate your ears for some reason, for example, if they protrude more than you’d like them to or if you have damaged earlobes (you can now have reconstructive treatment for this with Park Avenue Skin Care if it really bothers you) then you can hide them with a style that covers your ears.

    You won’t see very many pictures of Barbara Streisand with a short hairstyle or a hairstyle with her ears showing for example, I wonder why?

    Start paying attention to celebrities and really start to notice visual redirection or hiding schemes, you’ll see them all over the place. The beauty and style section of Oprah’s web site has a nice piece on five different examples of visual redirection. It is a great place to see my advice in action.

    Jessica Ecklund, 29
    What She Wants to Camouflage: prominent, full jaw

    Charlotte Fleming, 62
    What She Wants to Camouflage: wide face, high forehead

    Yelena Zavalishcheva, 19
    What She Wants to Camouflage: round, full face

    Misella Popovic, 20
    What She Wants to Camouflage: long face, high forehead

    Ellen Sexton, 53
    What She Wants to Camouflage: softening jawline


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    I’ve written an article on how to avoid making poor choices when choosing a new hairstyle for faces that need a redirection, check out What Should I do with my Hair? And don’t miss or more ideas about face shapes and hairstyles check out our Pinterest Hairstyles for Face Shape Board.

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    1. Wow. Thank you so much for posting this. I have always thought she was just stunning and never noticed how many facial similarities I have with her until now. I even have a tiny cleft in my chin- like hers- that I’ve always hated, along with a bit of a weak chin and square jawline. I’ve been looking for a decent hairstyle for the longest friggen time, and now with inspiration from this article, she is my newest style icon. Thank you. Cheesy sounding I know- but I think you have probably changed my life- at least as far as my own style is concerned.

      Comment by liz — February 26, 2009 @ 10:40 pm

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