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    Hair Types and Textures – Going With the Flow

    The Unconventional Guide to Hair Types and Hair Textures

    In the twenty plus years I’ve spent in the hair styling business, I’ve learned plenty about hair types, textures and people. It seems to me that no matter what hair type we’ve been given, it’s hardly ever exactly right. I don’t remember many clients who were happy with the hair type they were given. We always seem to want our hair type to be thicker, thinner, straighter or curlier, something our own God-given hair type is not.

    You’ve most likely tried a number of things over the years to wrestle your hair type into submission. I’m not against perms, hair relaxers, or coloring at all. They just need to be done correctly and artistically for your individual hair type. If you find yourself battling with your hair, the red flags should be going up. It is a good clue that you’re fighting against mother nature. . .”Don’t try to fool mother nature”, applies to your hair too! Your hair is not the enemy.


    By understanding your hair type, you will be armed with information vital for making the right decisions about ending the war! Although your hair type is genetically determined, your hair care regime will be the determining factor of whether it looks its healthiest. To give your hair what it needs, it is helpful to know what hair type you have, since different hair types need different care. Your hair type falls into one of four categories; straight, wavy, curly and kinky. Then we have the volume sub-categories of thin, medium or thick.

    Straight Hair

    The old phrase “The grass is always greener on the other side.” refers to the tendency we all have of examining each other’s lives and believing that others are better off than we are, even when they’re not. Nowhere does that phrase ring more true than when it comes to contemplating the texture of our own hair. Girls with thin, straight. Lackluster locks always seem to be gazing over the fence at the girls with the curly, wavy tresses. And the girls with the natural whirls, twirls and kinks always seem to be sneaking a peek at the girls with the shiny, sleek hair.

    thick hair

    That yearning is one of the most important motivators for driving clients into a hair stylist’s chair. When women are disillusioned with their hair’s texture, they seek shelter where a professional can offer them expert guidance and advice, a selection of skill-based services, and shelves of products that benefit their unique hair type. Lucky are those clients who discover the wizened hair pros who help them understand, enhance and celebrate the beauty of their own texture, and teach them how to mix it up when the urge for change is irresistible.

    Hair Cut Styles for Every Hair Type

    As the cultures that make up America’s great melting pot continue to blend, a growing number of hair stylists see the benefits of being able to work with a variety of waves, curls and kinks. By broadening their textural horizons, stylists are finding they can open up their books to a variety of new clients. Many soon discover they are tapping into a need within their own communities, and before they know it, they’re being touted as texture experts and are catering to a whole new niche market. The very best you can do for your hair is to seek out and find a hair stylist who is skilled at working with your individual hair texture.

    Kinky, Curly, Coarse and Unmanageable Hair

    So today I’m beginning a six part series on hair type and texture, I’ll be giving some tips on each hair type. Tomorrow I’ll start with the hair type straight, to be followed by fine hair, thick hair, coarse hair, curly hair and finally wavy hair so stay tuned.

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