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    How to Add Volume to Your Hair

    Hair Volume is Easy With These Tips

    You know the saying, “everyone wants what they don’t have”? This saying proves true more times than not in the world of hair! Most blondes wish for dark, exotic features and most brunettes spend lots of money to dye their hair blonde! If you have curly hair, you most likely wish for pin straight hair that is easy and quick to style. If you have pin straight hair, you most likely crave hair volume, volume and more volume! These scenarios are just the way of the world!

    For those of you with thin, limp hair, here is your time to get the added volume you want with this list of tips and products that we are sure will solve all your dull hair problems!

    • Make sure when washing your hair, you do not use conditioner on your roots! Hold your hair back in a pony tail and apply conditioner from that point to the ends. Adding conditioner to your hair will make the root heavier and pull your hair down when styling.
    • Applying a dime sized amount of blow dry serum or volumizing serum will help a great deal! Again, same concept as the conditioner. Do not put directly at the root. With hair product, you want to start at the ends. Any excess serum you can work up to the top of your head. Two serums in particular that work wonders are Kevin Murphy’s Anti-Gravity oil free volumizing lotion and Redken Satinwear 02 Ultimate Blow Dry Lotion.
    • Having a good brush is very important when blow drying. For volume it is best to use a round brush that will trap the heat and add lift at your roots. Try BrushLab’s {Fresh} Thermal Round Jumbo Hair Brush. You will notice a decrease in your drying time and healthier shinier hair!
    • When blow drying, section out the hair and dry one section at a time. Roll the hair up in the round brush to your root and hold the dryer there for a few seconds to trap the heat in the ceramic barrel. The heat allows the brush to set the shape. Gradually start unrolling the section but don’t let the hair fall off the brush, then roll back up to the root and repeat holding the dryer in place for a few seconds. Repeat as many times needed to dry the section of hair.
    • Make sure you completely dry all of your hair. The little bit of moisture left un-dried can make for frizzy hair not hair volume.
    • When you are finished blow drying, use a wide tooth comb to brush through hair in order not to flatten hair and keep the volume.

    With these simple steps, you should be on your way to J. Lo volume in no time!

    Guest Contributor: is an online retailer specializing in bringing you innovative brushes and products for all hair types and hair styling needs. Salon professional results achieved at home with an affordable price tag. The Brushlove team of beauty professionals are constantly looking for new products to introduce to consumers that demand the highest quality and functionality.

    For more thin hair ideas check out our Pinterest Thin Hair Board.

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