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    8 Ways to Change Your Haircut Style

     Haircut Styles

    Easy Changes to Your Haircut Style

    Be sassy, outgoing, classic, simple or outrageous for a day by just fixing your hair the way you want it to look. When you are dying to try out some fresh new trend, or simply want to catch some newness in your life, a change to your hairstyle is most often the best resort. Just a little tweak here or there, and voila! You’ll hear people commenting, “ Don’t you look different today . . . what is it? Your makeup? Your hair color? Your haircut style?” Goal achieved.

    To entertain that surprising change in your coming days, here are some quick tips on how you can play around with different looks.

     Mold Soft Curls

    Why not try an easy way of creating big soft, sexy waves in your hair without all the work!  Use a volumizing mousse through hair and blow-dry smooth. Wrap hair into a high bun and lightly mist with hair spray.  Leave it in for 20 to 30 minutes for soft waves or sleep on it overnight for longer lasting curls.  You’ll be surprised how long this holds, but if you need sprucing up on a 2nd day look, mist with a texturizing spray and wrap pieces around a medium barrel curling iron to freshen your whole look. This will make your hair full with big, soft curls.

    Haircut Styles


    Haircut Styles

    Color Your Ends

    Nothing says “I love to change it up.” more than by adding a rainbow of color to your ends. Giving your ends a whole new glow makes you feel new and it’s not as hard as it looks. Change it up with DIY hair chalking.  Long haircut styles are perfect for fun colors. You can also use a temporary colored gel or mascara and whip up your favorite colors on the tips of your hair. This style is totally an eye-catcher.

    Haircut Styles

    Straighten It Out

    Sleek, straight, shiny hair oozes that certain temptress-type persona. A great hair color and a great haircut are a must to get this style, followed only by great conditioning. Dry, dull hair just won’t do, so keep hair super hydrated by deep conditioning weekly. Also use moisturizing hair products that are sulfate free. Blow dry hair with a smoothing serum and use a thermal protection product or spray before smoothing strands out with a flat-iron. For the silkiest, shinniest hair use a quality hair oil that contains argan oil.


    Haircut Styles

    Deep Side Part

    We all get stuck in a rut with our partings. Have you preferred a center part and have been there for what seems like forever? Or just love the look the zigzag part does for you?  Whichever way you are used to wearing it, take a break and change it to another course.  And now is a great time to welcome a deep side part, whether it is to the left or to the right, either side is good just go deep with it!

    Haircut Styles

    Braid It

    Braids are here to stay and they never are out of fashion . . . they just change.  Experiment with fishtail braids, french braids, waterfall braids or milkmaid braids or whatever, and feel pretty by intertwining those long locks in creative new ways. Braids shouldn’t be just another way of keeping your hair out of your face!

    Haircut Styles

    Accessorize It

    Put flowers in your hair. Beads, bows or clip-ons can add a certain flirty frippery to any do’. Prettify your look by adding some girly accessories to your hair. Slip on a blingy headband or use colorful scrunchies or elastic bands to dress up your hair and take your haircut style to a whole new level.

    Haircut Styles

    Skip the Heat

    Step away from heat styling now and then and give your hair take a deserved rest. Alternative’s to all that heat include;  drying with a fan or your blow dryer on low setting; using velcros, pin curls, braiding or buns to curl it. By giving your hair a break now and then it will become fuller, healthier and have fewer split ends.

    Contributing author Gladys Barrientos is a young fashion enthusiast by heart. She loves to write different topics about beauty, fashion and women’s health. She spends much of her day writing and thinking new ideas about her plans for life. One thing she wouldn’t forget when she leaves her house is her Make-Up Kit. Follow her on her Google+.


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