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    Hairstyles for Heart Shaped Faces

    The Perfect Heart Shaped Face

    I Heart Heart Shaped Faces

    Hearts are beautiful, but when it comes to a heart shaped face, the beauty of it can be lost in the frustration of finding a flattering hairstyle. Unlike oval or even square faces, where the angles and lines are either hard or soft, a heart faces has both hard and soft lines, wide and narrow points, prominent and recessed features. Finding a hair cut or hair style that flatters a heart shaped face can take some trail and error, and THEN you have to consider the texture of your hair!

    Typically a heart face shape will have a broad forehead, prominent cheek bones, a tapered chin and probably a widows peak at the center of the brow. There’s a lot going on that needs hairstyle attention, and you may be dealing with the styling challenge of a cowlick as well, thanks to the widow’s peak.

    A good place to start is with some interesting pieces around the brow to soften the edges. Think long, fringy bangs that can be side swept for styling or pulled back for living. You want to create a little definition to keep the cheek bones prominent, but the brow bone less so. Shorter bangs or fringe can work well too; just try to keep the lines gentle so you don’t end up looking too angular and boxy.

    Generally, heart shaped faces need some fullness around the jaw line to make the chin seem less angular.  This can be achieved with long pieces that are tapered from the nostril line to below the chin. Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Anniston, both of whom have heart shaped faces, have great cuts that are versatile but soft around the face. A deep side part can also help you achieve some depth around the face while playing up your cheekbones. Heart shaped faces can also carry a short cut or style, but you may want to keep a few pieces longer on the crown and toward the top of your cheekbones to break up any sharp or overly defined angles.

    When it comes to texture, hairstyles for hear shaped faces can go either sleek or bouncy. There is a wonderful, sophisticated drama to a pulled back hairstyle; a high ponytail or French Twist  can really bring out the drama of a heart shaped face.  This works well with both straight or curly hair. But if you are going for a more romantic or youthful look, play up any curls or waves you have.  A soft curl or wave contrasting a defined cheekbone can be very elegant. If your hair is pin straight you may want to consider adding a few layers to give your hair, and your face, some dimension.

    Once you find a length and style that compliments your face shape and life style, your heart shaped bone structure will become your best friend. It can look bold or soft, mature or youthful – it all depends on what feature you want to play up today.

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