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    Hairstyles That Make You Appear Thinner

    Hairstyles That Make You Appear Thinner

    Optical Illusions . . . Hairstyles That Make You Appear Thinner

    We all know that a new hairstyle can give a person an entirely different look. Even a simple change can reflect a shift in your overall style . . . and makes you feel great to boot! But did you know that choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape can also give you a thinner appearance? Here, we’ll give you a few examples to help you choose hairstyles that make you appear thinner and that’s perfect for you.

    Hairstyles That Make You Appear Thinner

    The Layered Hairstyle

    Layers have long been touted for their ability to give thin or flat hair a tremendous boost in volume. However, for women with round face shapes, the layered hairstyle tends to soften your curves, making your face appear much thinner. Further, layers that fall near the cheekbone tend to highlight your bone structure. Longer hair with soft, flowing curls are best for elongating your face.

    Hairstyles That Make You Appear Thinner

    The Asymmetrical Bob

    The asymmetrical bob, which starts a bit higher in the back and longer on the sides, is a look that is both timeless and chic. It tends to elongate the neck, lengthening the appearance of fuller faces. It is best, though, when the hair framing your face is at least 2-3 inches below the chin. While it looks fabulous straight, you can sweep your bangs to the side for a different appearance.

    Hairstyles That Make You Appear Thinner

    The Textured Bob

    Fuller faces only appear fuller with really straight hair. However, the textured bob that’s at least shoulder length will give you softness and fullness and will give your face a lengthier appearance.

    Hairstyles That Make You Appear Thinner

    The Heightened Updo

    For special events, many women enjoy sweeping their hair straight back into a flirty pony-tail. However, this look rarely achieves the understated glamour desired for women with rounder faces. Instead, the heightened updo is the perfect mix of elegance and glamour, but with enough height to elongate the face and to add that pop of interest. Va-va-voom!

    Hairstyles That Make You Appear Thinner


    While it’s not exactly a hair style, per se, highlights are highly effective at giving the illusion of a slimmer face. Be careful, though–you will not want to have heavy lines next to your face, but rather the kind of natural highlights which offer depth and shape. Plus, the soft vertical lines double as an optical illusion, much like wearing vertical stripes makes the wearer look thinner.

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