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    Hot Rollers Rediscovered on NBC’s Parks and Recreation


    Celebrity Hairstylist Terrie Owen Uses Hot Rollers to Spice Up the Set of Parks and Recreation

    As a hairstylist working on set in upwards of 12 to 14 hours a day I’m always on the lookout for tools and products that make my life easier. But, with the caveat, that they must not be damaging to the hair, be difficult to work with and must deliver consistent results. As the head hairstylist on the NBC TV show Parks and Recreation, I know that the lead actresses like to keep it simple and fast, healthy and organic whenever possible.

    Time is always of the essence on a TV set just like it is in all of our lives. I often do daily blowouts and iron work on everyone’s hair to get it shiny and in shape to hold up to harsh lights, and long days, which can translate into dry ends and in the case of those with fine hair some actual damage. That caused me to dig deep into my bag of tricks, and I recalled how handy hot rollers used to be. I thought if I could eliminate the blow-dry step and my actress just came in with her hair air dried naturally it would be faster and less damaging than the two step processes.

    Turns out, it works beautifully; I love the large size rollers, no smaller than two inches. They must be big rollers or you get the 1980’s beauty pageant hair look.

    Hot Rollers Hairstyle

    Step-by-Step How To:

    Section off pieces of your hair starting at your part, in the direction you want the hair to go. Put the hot rollers in all over the head. You’ll get soft face framing waves that looks like you spent more time than you actually did. Here are a few other tips to try:

    • Heated rollers work best on shoulder length hair or longer.
    • Let your hair air dry naturally to save some excess heat and damage to the hair.
    • If you don’t have the time, rough dry the hair with a warm not hot setting.
    • If you like a bit of height in your style try teasing at the root and sprays with a light hairspray or heat setting lotion. I like White sands medium hold.
    • Always comb each section smooth, or you get fish hook ends.

    For a conditioning treatment I always dab a little leave in conditioner on the ends before I roll up into the roller. I like Kerastace Ciment Thermite, heat activated reconstructing milk. This acts as a hot oil treatment and gives great shine to the hair.

    Try some hot rollers next time you looking for a beauty shortcut.

    Guest author Terrie Owens began hairdressing in salons at the age of 19. A chance meeting with a Broadway show producer led her to work on Broadway shows which taught her to work with wigs, character development, and period hairstyling. This wonderful training led to a soap opera job, natch…., then sitcom TV, and numerous films. Over twenty years later she’s still in love with her craft and looking forward to what the next twenty years hold! Passionate about hairdressing as an art form and creative outlet. She seeks to teach others about their own inner and outer beauty. Traveling the world, Terrie has always been amazed at where her scissors and comb have taken her. Terrie makes her home in Los Angeles, California.

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