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    How Do I Get Shiny Hair?

    Shiny hair

    Shiny Hair is Made Simple With the Right Products

    You’ve seen those ads where the models get shiny hair so glossy you swear you could see your reflection in it! How do you get shiny hair like this? For shine or lack of it, there are a lot of contributing factors like water, hair texture, products, the amount of damage and your styling habits that contribute to shiny hair or not. Some people are lucky to have beautiful shiny hair without doing anything extra, it’s “natural”. Others have to “force” the shine with the products or styling techniques they use.

    Each strand of hair has an outside layer of overlapping scales called the cuticle, similar to shingles on a roof. When the cuticle of the hair is lying flat, light will hit the hair, reflect back and create shiny hair. When the cuticle is open or lifted, as it is in damaged hair, the light hits the hair strand and the light is absorbed, producing no shine, no reflection of light.  You will not get shiny hair when the cuticle is lifted or damaged and the light is absorbed.

    Color damage, other chemical damage, heat styling, sun and wind can all contribute to a raised cuticle. Sometimes you just may need to use the proper shampoo and/or conditioning treatments to get shiny hair.

    A good rule to follow is to use moisturizing products in the winter months due to lack of moisture in the air and dry heat on in the homes.  A product I like for adding moisture to the hair, especially in winter is Biolage Hydrathérapie Hydra Seal Leave In Crème.

    Get Shiny Hair

    Protein products are also good to use to get shiny hair.  Protein products are used to restore strength in the damaged or fragile hair. Redken Extreme CAT Protein Treatment is a protein product I highly recommend for those of you with fragile hair.

    Get Shiny Hair

    Some hair color and hair color gloss treatments will also seal the cuticle and promote shiny hair. One of my favorite professional color gloss treatments is Redkens Shades E Q, Equalizing Conditioning Color Gloss advertised as “the color that thinks it’s a conditioner”.

    Get Shiny Hair

    A cool water rinse after shampooing will help to seal the cuticle for additional shine. A bad habit people can get into that also prevents shine is rubbing the hair dry with a towel – it raises the cuticle and promotes tangles – towel blot it instead!

    Use of the correct hair care products during styling will sometimes weigh down the hair cuticle and disguise the condition of the hair and produce added shine.

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