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    How to Shape Your Eyebrows

    Shaping Eyebrows

    Shape-up Tips for Your Eyebrows

    According to hairdresser Maria De Los Aneles of Kim Lepine Salon in New York City, shaping your eyebrows is a beauty routine you shouldn’t skip. “It opens up your eye, giving you an eye-lift,” she says.”When you don’t shape your eyebrows, most of the hair grows where your brow bone is, making your eyes look saggy.” The shape of your eyebrows is most critical if your hair is short, she points out, because they become more visible, and your face is totally open. Women with longer hairstyles can get away with slightly thicker eyebrows; when the hairstyle is shorter, thinner, better-shaped eyebrows work best.

    For optimum results, Maria suggests having your eyebrows done professionally. If you can’t afford it on a regular basis—the service can run from $30-$80 at the hairstyling salon—it’s a good idea to have them done at least once by a pro so you can get a good line. Then, you can follow it up at home using good tweezers. Maria recommends Tweezerman, which are available with both pointed and square tips. “Square tweezers are good for excessive hair growth and are easier to use; pointed are great for hard-to-reach eyebrow hair and for sculpting,” she explains.

    Once you have the right tools, it’s time to start plucking. Begin by placing your index finger in the middle of your eye at the top of your eyebrow so you can see the eyebrow bone shape. See where it naturally becomes thinner and thicker. Pull the eyebrow in the direction in which it grows while tweezing—otherwise, you risk breaking off the follicle and ending up with little black dots, she warns.

    Brush your eyebrows as you go—this prevents what Maria calls “tweezer frenzy”, which can leave you with a really weird facial expression! Be careful not to grab more than a hair at a time, and begin and end the eyebrow parallel to where your eye begins and ends.

    Remember that you should examine your eyebrows every three to four days, since that’s how long it takes for new growth to come in as recommended by

    Article courtesy of Harris Publications

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    1. Nice complimentary article, thanks for the heads up. If you’re ever looking for another freelance writing gig let me know.

      Comment by Barb Quinn — April 9, 2010 @ 1:29 pm

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