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    How to Talk to Your Hairdresser

    How to Talk to Your Hairdresser

    Here are some ways to make sure you and your hairdresser are on the same page

    It is my firm belief that most hair salon disappointments can be traced directly to miscommunication. What you’re trying to describe is not what the hair stylist sees. After all, when you think of it every woman has her own unique idea of what “short hair” is. To one it means chin length, to a stylist it may mean above the ears and to a third person it could mean a buzz cut.

    Let’s face it, our language is simply not very precise, so it is vital that you learn the terms you’re likely to hear while you’re hanging around your local salon. Like any profession hair styling has its own insider lingo. To the average client hairdresser-speak can sound like Greek, so how do you get your message across when you describe the look you want? To the rescue this quick hair dictionary.

    • LONG LAYERS lighten the weight of the hair and add swing; achieve a textured look by shortening the top of the hair.
    • TAPERING is a form of layering used to take the weight out of back of hair.
    • SLIDE LAYERS are used mostly on curly hair to reduce bulk from the top layer allowing curls to fall evenly.
    • CHIPPING is also known as point cutting, is used to add texture.
    • TEXTURIZING is done using thinning shears. It adds movement and body by reducing weight from heavy sections, while leaving extra length in others.
    • RAZORING is done with a straight-edged blade to cut or texturize the hair.
    • SLIDE CUTTING uses a very sharp scissor blade to skim over the surface at an angle.
    • SINGLE PROCESS HAIR COLOR is best used for covering gray hair.
    • DOUBLE PROCESS HAIR COLOR is used for highlights and to bleach the hair.
    • HIGH LIGHTS lighten and brighten a solid background hair color.
    • LOWLIGHTS add depth and contrast to a light solid look.

    I have an article Getting the Best from a Hairdresser which can give you some other tips as well, but if you still are having trouble communicating with your hairdresser, maybe it’s time to move along, in that case check out my article Smart Girl’s Guide to Finding the Best Hair Stylist.

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    1. If you ever get a haircut you LOVE …TAKE A PICTURE !!!!Even if you think your going to the same stylist forever you never know what can happen and a picture is your best friend.As a stylist I find photos greatly helpful in translating what a client says to what they really want.Even if you like these bangs in this photo but the sides on that photo..bring them all in!!Clip magazine photos out and take them with you.And Shannon,surface layering can be interpreted into alot of different techniques and called by many different names.But it sounds like it is a pretty popular techniques now-a-days but it is really difficult to explain, it is more of an art form of free handed cutting.Kind of like carving or sculpting.The problem with curly hair is you can’t always cut it perfectly semmetrical.You have to work and play with the curls to get them to lay just right.Your stylist should check out some DVD’s like the RUSK Drop Out Rotation series (which i love)BTW an educational DVD is a great gift for a stylist!You can get them on Ebay fairly easily. She can go learn all sorts of new things at shows as well.Education is key for any good stylist so dont just go there because she is nice…Make her learn how to do what she is bing paid for!

      Comment by Erryns Health And Beauty — February 17, 2009 @ 2:12 am

    2. I am in need of help. i got the best cut of my life and the gal that cut it was from back east then moved back. Boooooo Hooooo. she said she used a technique she learnd at a show called surface layering. I have curly hair and i have always had the a thing going. then the fuzz . with the cut she did my hair layed perfect worn curly or straight. my new hair dresser would love to know the technique. so she can useit on me. if you could help i would GREATLY appricate it …. I would love to not have my husband and kids find me in a crowd by my hair…. thank you in advance. Shannon
      An instruction i can take to her would be help full too. as i’m not a hairdresser and dont want to be lol Shannon

      Comment by Shannon Hall — January 25, 2009 @ 11:15 am

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