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    I Got a Perfect Hair Style. Can I get it Again?

    Style Haircuts

    Can’t Replicate the Same Style Haircuts

    Finally, you found the perfect style haircut! Not only did it look great when you left the hair salon, but the hair style had everything you could ever hope for in a fabulous haircut. Your hair held it’s shape where you didn’t have to wash it every day and it lasted weeks longer than the style haircuts you had in the past. So all you have to do is tell your hairdresser to “do it again” right?

    All too often the answer ends being . . . not a prayer, even with a hairdresser with whom you’ve had a long relationship. Let’s face it, as hairdressers we may not always be able to duplicate the same style haircuts we gave you on your last visit. You see, the truth of it is, your hairdresser may not remember exactly what type of techniques they used last time. Your hairdresser may be in the process of evolving a style haircut to suit your needs better. (A good hairdresser will do it without being asked.)

    It could be taking your style haircut a quarter of an inch shorter in one area to account for a cowlick or whirl, or to texturize it more in an area to give your hair more lift. Your hairdresser may find your hair needs shaping slightly different to balance better with your face shape. So on each appointment a slight adjustment is made to get the style haircuts “just right.”

    Anytime you find you have a style haircut you love – get some pictures of yourself in this haircut! A picture tells a thousand words. You can rarely explain a style haircut to your hairdresser that results in both of you visualizing the same thing. Bring the picture with you to your next appointment and then make sure you describe why you liked that style haircut.

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