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    Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde Hair, Can You?

    Blonde Hair

    Kim Kardashian’s blonde hair is not an easy hair color change!

    Remember a short while back when Kim Kardashian debuted blonde hair in the form of a hair piece? Well it looks like Kim Kardashian liked the look enough to commit. She showed off her new blonde hair hue at The Teen Choice Awards Sunday night after originally displaying it on her Instagram story. If you enjoy watching Kim Kardashian’s Instagram stories, like me, then you might find storiesig useful – it allows you to save any of her stories anonymously so you can continue to watch them in the future. I had to do a double take when I saw this story of her because it didn’t even look like the exotic-looking star that I’m used to.

    “Kim Kardashian
    Blonde Hair”

    Although she doesn’t mention it in her blog or interviews, I think that the switch is partly due to the fact that she recently broke up with long time boyfriend, Reggie Bush. I assume she wanted a drastic change and boy, did she get it! I definitely prefer Kim Kardashian with her darker hue . . . the blonde hair takes away from her natural beauty and makes her blend in with the rest of young Hollywood. Her exotic features are a perfect match for her naturally dark hair.

    Blonde Hair
    Kim Kardashian’s dark hue compliments her skin tone.

    Kim mentioned in her blog that it took her an entire glam squad to create this blonde hair look, so if you are a brunette thinking of a drastic change like Kim Kardashian’s, think of all the work that went into her new blonde hair hue. Getting blonde hair out of dark hair requires quite a bit of time and investment up front, not to mention the maintenance required.

    If I were to do this on one of my clients, I would charge for the price of a double process full weave and color combined. The price of something like this would easily start at $150 and go up from there. If the cost is worth it to you to get your hair like Kim Kardashian’s, then next I would suggest thinking of the time involved. Achieving this blonde hair color from someone who currently has dark locks would take several hours initially and at least two to three hours for each touch up. Touch ups would need to be done every 4-6 weeks.

    As you can see, getting blonde hair from your dark hair can be a big step. It’s no wonder that it took an entire glam squad to create the look on Kim Kardashian. If you have colored your hair over and over in the past few years, I would suggest staying away from this drastic of a change. Your hair would most likely be too fragile from past damage to handle the switch. However, if your hair is in a virgin state (meaning it has never been colored), going with blonde hair might be a good option for you. Talk with a professional hairdresser about your individual hair and see what is best for you.

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