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    Layered Hairstyles

    Layered Hairstyles

    Long Layered Hairstyles from BTC and KMS

    Layered hairstyles are what’s happening! There is no time like the change of seasons for changing things up with your summer hairstyle or hair color. Layered hairstyles are versatile and easy to work with, at least that is when the cut is tailored to your face shape and hair type.

    It all starts with the cut. Hopefully you’ve found a tried and true hairdresser you’re happy with, one you can trust to lead you to the next change of hairstyle. I’m of the belief that your hairdresser should be there to gently persuade you to change your hairstyle every once in a while. At least they should give you suggestions . . . who wants to be in a rut and have the same hairstyle year in and year out?? If you haven’t a hairdresser you like, it’s time to do a little homework, ask around and consult with a hairdresser or two.

    Layered Hairstyles
    Long Hairstyle Before Styling with KMS

    Can’t tell you how many times I’ve had women tell me, “My hair looks great when I leave the shop but I’m not able to make it look the same way at home.” You can see from these pictures, how different layered hairstyles look before styling, to the finished look. This layered hairstyle is one cut styled differently.  After a good cut, product and styling techniques are key in achieving a great look.

    BTC and KMS shows hairdressers the how-tos of cutting this layered hairstyle on their site;  They also offer up the products used and styling steps used to create both looks on layered hairstyles.

    For the above layered hairstyle these KMS hair products were used:

    Layered Hairstyles
    1. Hairplay Texture Shampoo
    2. Spray Moisture Repair Leave-In Conditioner
    3. Blow straight with paddle brush
    4. Spray Hairplay Dry Wax section by section to create a matte finish with texture and hold.
    Layered Hairstyles
    Layered Hairstyles with long swept bang

    KMS hair products used:

    1. Addvolume Shampoo and Gel Conditioner
    2. Addvolume Blow Dry Lotion
    3. Hairstay Medium Hold


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