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    Making the Cut . . . Doesn’t Make the Cut

    making the cut vidal sassoon


    Making the Cut at Vidal Sassoon

    Making the Cut a Vidal Sassoon brain child is a new series. The documentary will be covering typical days in the lives of students and staff at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, in Santa Monica, California. The school has a lot to live up to given title of the “Harvard of Hair.”

    The first episode was so lame, I’m not eager to spend any more time with the show. I will check out the second show though, just to be sure that I’m not missing something here.

    If you saw the first episode, please leave your impressions in the comments below. Did anyone else feel like they were watching a badly scripted day in the life of a group of mostly, self absorbed, immature kids? I didn’t go into this show with any expectations, but . . . this was painful for the impression it gives on the personalities of those in our profession . . . a typical and over emphasized, stereotype.

    I am trying hard to think who this show will appeal to . . . potential hairdressers I guess, but it may sabotage a few from following their dream of becoming the next, Jean-Paul type celebrity hairdresser, as well.

    TLC film crews apparently have free reign to shoot anyone they find film worthy, so why did they latch on to Chantele? She was not the brightest bulb in the bunch but … I guess she represents a mind set of some students who need to be babysat if they actually want to become a licensed hairdresser. (Doesn’t she know how much it’s costing to get this education? And, isn’t this her choice of career?)

    Then there were three students chosen to assist Mark Hayes, Vidal Sassoon’s creative artist, in a fashion photo shoot for Modern Salon magazine. The cameras rolled as the three students gratefulness turned quickly into ungratefulness. They weren’t chosen for their input, but rather to observe and assist the creative artist. After some whining and gnashing of teeth, they got off their high horses and again became grateful for the experience that they could add to their resumes.

    “Vidal Sassoon’s Making the Cut was Awful”

    I called the school in the beginning of the week and left a message that I would like to know how much it costs to attend the “Harvard of Hair.” I’m curious and thought you potential hairdressers might be interested in that too. Sorry no response yet and I don’t expect a call anytime soon. They mentioned their program is the “toughest in the industry,” lasts for 44 weeks and the students work on “real clients.” (The schools I know of require 9 months schooling before taking the board exams and all the ones I know have students working on “real clients” also.)

    From what I’ve seen so far, my suggestion for those of you who may be thinking about attending the Vidal Sassoon Academy is . . . do your homework and also watch the rest of theses episodes. It’s a pretty easy guess that they are going to dig into your pockets deeper than most schools because of the Vidal Sassoon name and location. Ask around, ask reputable hairdressers their opinion of the best school for your money. Go into the schools in your area and interview them, see how they work . . . probably not much different from the “Harvard of Hair.”

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