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    Medium Hairstyles

    Victoria Beckham with a medium length bob hair style

    Medium Hair Styles for Those In Betweens

    Ladies step away from the ponytails when you’re needing a medium hair style. Just because you are growing out that short hair doesn’t mean you have to live in the ponytail stage until you have reached your ultimate goal length. I know it can be frustrating when you see all the big celebrities grace the big screens with their ultra cool cropped hair styles and then the next month they have new long flowing hair. It feels like they never have to be burdened by that in between medium hair styles stage.

    Fear not gals, I have the answer for you. My mother always told me to work with what god gave you, and honey those are words to live by. It is high time we take those “Stuck in the middle” medium hair styles and transform them into a hairdo you; and god, can be proud of.

    It’s true; no matter what type of hair, that the fastest growing area of hair on your head is in the back. Okay, so it is not actually true but it seems that way because it has the shortest distance to travel. So when you are growing out short hair it always feels that you reach the “mullet” stage first. Gals the obvious thing to do here is chop off the mullet!

    You don’t have to compromise your tough efforts of growing out your hair. . . just shape the hair in the back and leave the sides to grow, creating the medium bob hair style. The bob has certainly evolved over the years, and now can be adapted to fit any style and texture of hair. Add bangs or some volumizing layers to the crown, create a hair style that is trademarked to fit you.

    Meg Ryan is the Queen of Medium Hair Styles

    When you feel like you are all thumbs with your hair styling skills this haircut is fantastic. It is perfect for hair that has a slight wave or curl in it. With the right hair care product all you need to do is scrunch it and blow dry to perfection. Dry the style upside down to create more volume at the roots, when it is dry, pick through the ends and work the points into style. This multi layered haircut is modified into a shag effect with deep point hair cutting, slicing, razoring, or a lot of texturizing. The cutting technique allows the hair to fly soft and free.

    Sara Paxton in a medium hairstyle with choppy layers

    A Medium Hair Style Diced to Perfection!

    For all you gals that feel like your hair is thin, straight, and lifeless, I’m sure cutting it to short hair seems to be your only answer. I’m also sure you have tried to commit yourself to growing it out and then just get to frustrated with the results, well worry no more. As long as the hair cut that you have is vertically layered and texturized only at the points your lifeless hair can be brought back from the grave.

    If thin straight hair is point cut too deeply then the hair will just fly away. But if you create points only through the tips it will look more choppy and defined. This style adds more dimension to the hair, leaving you with an edgy finish.

    Don’t overdo the product! Ladies with fine hair believe that the more hair care product they use, that the hair will finally be glued into place. Not true! It only weights down your locks so they fall limp and flat in two minutes. Less is more! You are always asked at the salon, “Do you want short or long hair.” Next time tell your hairdresser that you want the length that is right in the middle a medium length hair style. There is no need to cut out the middle man, sometimes he can be the best one in the shuffle!

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